Obvious Mwaliteta
Obvious Mwaliteta

Press statement by UPND Lusaka Chairman, Obvious Mwaliteta



We wish to inform those PF leaders like Bowman Lusambo, Steven Kampyongo, Raphael Nakachinda and others that we have no headroom remaining anymore to tolerate the insults they are daily spewing on the Republican President Hakainde Hichilema. Our patience is running thin.

Gentlemen we are tired of this nonsense and we are very much capable to do whatever it takes to deal with you on this matter because you are crossing the line and pushing us too far.

Please understand that it is President Hichilema the same person you are insulting day in and day out that restrained the Zambians from sorting you out the same way you used to abuse them. President Hichilema is managing this situation very well, but as UPND we are more than capable to shut your big mouths and flatten your pot bellies full of ill gotten wealth. Don’t take our silence as a sign of weakness, we have enough manpower to take full care of you.

President Hakainde Hichilema was locked up in a maximum prison for 127 days on made up charges, but you are crying like toothless infants fresh from the womb for only being locked up for a single day. Cowards!

Please just be brave enough and face the law and atone your sins instead of hiding behind rusty and useless binoculars. Please note that the law of defamation of the President is still in force until it is repealed by Parliament and this law will in the meantime deal with you bakawalala imwe.

Obvious Mwaliteta,
UPND Chairman,
Lusaka Province.


  1. They managed to bad mouth Mwanawasa because he was fighting corruption. They will not succeed this time around with HH. I agree with Mwaliteta. If the police will not act in accordance with the law us cadres will.

  2. Kudos, Mwaliteta! We can rely on you at any time! You have delivered the warning and we need to act next time Nakachinda, Chisambo, or Chimpyongo rear their ugly and filthy heads!
    It’s enough of this nuisance from the kawalalas! Let us get our Youths ready. I think that mosquito has gone to sleep; too quiet for any comfort. Should we replace it with someone active? PF idyots have grown wings surely!

  3. ‘Obviously’, you are a good man. Iwe banakulonga for over a year but you, you are even warning them. Your govt is truly democratic. PF had KZ and other PF surrogates just pull the trigger on you and you were in. PF kawalalas are cheeky.

  4. Mr Mwaliteta what you are saying is correct.
    These people are taking the soft stance taken
    As a sign of weakness.lock them for seven days
    Before they can apply for bond .

  5. For first time I support mwaliteta this time. These pf crooks are taking freedom of speech and expression which lacked during their corrupt regime for granted.
    UPND cadres will sort them out. Watch the space

  6. Well spoken chairman. I’m sure you have echoed it all.
    If those idiots have ears, with their brains fully functional, am sure they will realign their behavior.
    From now on they should realise that Bally is not alone. He has children that he deliberately decided to tame.

    I’m sure they have heard you chairman.

  7. Have you noticed that the ones insulting HH are the ones that know they stole? Or they have a nasty past. But even the ones that are now quiet like KZ and GBM should be audited.

    Unleash ACC on them.

    For Sean ZERO, just send him to Botswana.

    Now we need the Mukula cartel to get arrested.

  8. They know that their businesses and thefts which were oiled by the virtual of them being in power is fucked and now they are trying to take advantage of the hardships,for which they are responsible for in the first place, zambians are facing to win back surpport.

  9. Thanks Mr. Mwaliteta, I totally agree with your sentiments. These guilty fools are so damn annoying. Unfortunately, we as UPND members/cadres cannot take matters into our own hands (as you very well know, our HH/Bally who is running a civilized and lawful Government would not want that to happen either). We, therefore, will have to just let the law enforcement deal with these thieves the best way they can until finally, to our delight, they will be charged and sentenced for many years to come for the way they plundered, and indeed mismanaged our economy.


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