Lucky Mulusa
Lucky Mulusa


“Mutati is the best person to answer about remaining minister”

Our working relationship with UPND is not smooth as our members have continued facing rejection, says the Science and Technology minister Felix Mutati led-MDC secretary general Lucky Mulusa.

And Mulusa said in his case “wherever I am I make sure that nobody brings stupidity anywhere close to me, regardless of who they are…I don’t tolerate nonsense.”

Mulusa also said Mutati will have to respond according to what his conscious will tell him, in the event party members demand that he steps down as minister to concentrate on mobilising his party, during the forth


  1. Isn’t Politics about Public Service to the Citizenry regardless of the Political Party one is in? As Manuel in Fawty Towers Classic comedy would say: “I know nothing!! Mr Fawty, I know nothing!! Nothing”!!!!

  2. Mr. Mulusa, you have tasted a ministerial post and you know how sweet that is. I sense and sense of jealousy.


  3. What exactly does this man Lucky Mulusa want? Has he been making policy suggestions? There are only so many jobs in government. Wherever he lives, if the UPND’s good intentions are actualised, he stands to benefit from good public services.

  4. Mulusa is a big loser!
    Just because he was not appointed, he is bitter!
    Who are you anyway to think everyone else is stupid? This Bad attitude of Self-importance and big-headedness will not take you anywhere politically! Learn to humble yourself! It’s not about you and your selfish interests. It’s about service to the nation. Did you expect President HH to appoint everyone in MDC?
    For your information, there are many who never liked UPND but with the commitment the New Dawn government has shown to improve things, there are now more than the 2.8 Million citizens who voted for UPND Alliance. If elections were held now, UPND alone would get more than 2.8m votes. Let those who angry for being left out go! Others, will take their place!
    Ba Mulusa, learn to earn a living outside politics! Learn also that you can make meaningful contributions to the country without political positions! This is no time for petty politics! PF left this country in a mess with a Debt of $31.74Billion! That is disastrous because our GDP is only around $20Billion meaning we need to unite if we are to get out of this mess! President HH has laid a great foundation of good will to improve governance and uphold the Rule of Law, which are pre-requisites to get International Good Will to get us out of this precarious situation.
    Ba Mulusa, you had your time in GRZ but there’s very little to remember you for than you sowing seeds of Discord and disunity!
    Let others do the good job they are doing!
    Go back to the land maybe you may gain some useful political wisdom!
    Why Chikubaba so?

  5. Whether MDC joined the alliance or not UPND was still going to win the elections in August 2021. It is foolish thinking to demand for positions by alliance members majority of UPND loyal supporters were against the union of the so called alliance members because people like Lucky Mulusa are political chances who will not add any value to UPND.

    Leave Mr. Mutati alone and concentrate on mobilising MDC party. Also, it is hypocrisy and selfishness for Mulusa talking being neglected when majority members of UPND and other people who voted for UPND are not complaining. Your joining the alliance was based gaining political favours in terms of political appointments. Shame on you Mulusa stop hallucinating.

  6. All you worshipers, he has a valid point. More ever the Upnd might not need the useless alliance by 2026. I do not see two selfish groups working together again.

  7. It is such people as Mulusa who put spanners into the works of a machine which is running properly. Mulusa must organize his party so that as alliance partners the number of members swell. You are the Secretary General, what are you doing on the ground. You will be given respect by the UPND structures if you as Sectary General are adding value to the alliance. You are a let down. You were looking for a job but now that there are no jobs for cadres like you, you start talking rubbish. Leave Mutati alone. Where were you when Mutati and Akadfumba were campaigning with the UPND and alliance partner members during the last general election in the night at wards of Kawama township of one of the towns on the copperbelt? You think they earned their appointments on a silver plate? UPND structures appreciate the combined mobilization by the two leaders who chose to be in a mosquito infected area together with the lowest membe5rs of UPND. not you Mulusa you deserve nothing. Just keep you mouth shut.

  8. One by one they are being exposed for their selfishness. I thought the Alliance was about kicking out a terror leadership; that was the only common thing they had; manifestos of the Alliance partners are all different. Kanshi it was hopes for a job, sorry mwe. Zambia was ripe for change, so upnd would have won but not with so big a margin perhaps.

  9. Who does Mulusa think he is? He vowed to start farming after quitting politics. Has he failed in that venture too? Why should UPND consider giving jobs to alliance partners at the expense of its loyal party members, some more qualified than Mulusa, who are also yearning for appointments?

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