Pastor Accuses Wife Of Using His Body Hair For Charms



Accuses wife of using his body hair for charms

A PASTOR of Libuyu Township in Livingstone shocked his wife when he returned home after a three-day prayer and fasting session at the mountains with neatly shaved private parts.

But pastor Chama said he shaved himself because he suspected that his wife, Beauty Simolonga, used his pubic hair as charms.
This came to light in Livingstone Local Court, where Simolonga, 34, sued pastor Chama for marriage reconciliation.
Simolonga said her husband was also in the habit of returning home late around 23:00 hours or early morning between 02:00 hours and 03:00 hours.

Simolonga said on December 20, 2022 she had sexual intercourse with her husband.
“Afterwards, I started caressing him as I attempted to clean him then I realised he had been shaved. I asked him who had done it but he quickly jumped out of bed,” she said.

Simolonga said out of shock, she followed him as he ran to the kitchen refusing to reveal who had shaved him.
“I ran after him to the kitchen but he became defensive. He got a chair and hit me with it. I realised it happened when he went for the three-day prayer and fasting,” she said.

But pastor Chama told the court that he decided to shave himself because he wondered what his wife did with his pubic hair.
“My wife has no secrets. She shares everything that happens in our marriage with outsiders including people from our church. She says I have demons and that I impart the demons on people because I am a pastor,” he said.

Passing judgment, Principal Presiding Local Court Magistrate Mubiana Mubita, sitting with Senior Local Court Magistrate Esau Daka, granted the couple divorce and ordered them to share property –


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