Pastor Caught Factorising Wives Of Others Right From His Church



A prosperity prophet whose one eyed anaconda – the very boneless but muscle loaded, often soft stick found on every man – has delivered shame to Blessings Pentecostal Church located in Kuku, Lusaka. The overseer Prophet Mike Kajimange has been factorising , in a typical horizontal engineering fashion, wives of others right from his Church. The facts of the matter being that, Prophet Kajimange’s often soft boneless stick has been canibalising other people’s wives. The horizontal engineering has been happening right from the church made out of sacks , on temporal basis. One lady whose husband works for Lusaka City council as a general worker, left home on a good Saturday last week to attend to church duties as an elder in the Church. The said duties were in fact to soothe the often soft but boneless stick of Prophet Kajimange. This is after Kajimange phoned this lady that his one eyed anaconda has been yearning for her, so that it cries out tears of fertilization in her soft, moisturized and warm zone of her divinely gifted wonder of nature.

The horizontal engineering took off on a very good note as Kajimange’s boneless one eyed anaconda voyaged in the lady’s wonder of nature. Midair, an uninvited male elder of Blessings Pentecostal Church appeared in the makeshift Church only to find the premises occupied by two people exciting each other’s bodies right from the alter. This man did not believe what his eyes saw. His two eyes came into direct contact with the one eyed anaconda and he knew that his Pastor was busy violating the ten commandments of the Bible.Immediately he charged towards the alter albeit unknown to the adulterous duo , with his phone on camera, ready to capture the whole vertical engineering. It is at a point when Pastor Kajimange was trying to change his position that he noticed there was an uninvited guest in the Church who was filming the entire act.


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