President Hakainde Hichilema has appointed Col Panji Kaunda (RTD) as Zambia’s High Commissioner to Malawi.

Col Panji is first born son of Zambia’s first President Dr Kenneth Kaunda and also served as Deputy minister of Defense in the PF regime.

Colonel Panji Kaunda


  1. UPND praise-singer, Panji, rewarded. However, the appointment could have gone to a younger, vibrant and educated person in UPND. Uyu mudala wa makabudula looks frail even when he walks. UPND can do better than this. Please, give young people in UPND a chance.

  2. In fact he stays in Zoozwe boundary to Malawi.

    Zoozwe is where my wife grew up from and they used to interact with PANJI’s children alot.

    HH chose Malawi because Panji will ALWAYS be traveling to his farm over the weekend. Panji is a farmer in Vubwi.

    I love PANJI so much. How I wish his children should pick up from there.

  3. Nonsense yet again from this branded PF sycophant, aka observer. Col. Kaunda more than deserves this appointment. Fighting injustices does not equate to praise singing. Did you expect him to turn a blind eye to PF corruption and dictatorship? The Colonel is an educated, selfless servant of the people who’s only purpose is to contribute positively to the nation. KK’s children sacrificed too by not being appointed into public office during their father’s rule, in order to give ordinary Zambians a chance.

  4. @Shapiro
    Behave yourself bro. Just go and read from the archives what Panji used to say about HH whilst he was in PF. When Sata appointed him deputy minister, he always spoke against HH ever taking over the Presidency of Zambia because of the issue of tribe. When ECL never gave Panji a position, ECL became a bad person and HH became to him the best person that should rule Zambia. Is this being principled?

  5. Colonel Kaunda’s appointment was long overdue. KK’s children are disciplined and hardworking who deserve among them an opportunity to serve the Zambian people through public office. They are not cut from the same cloth as Lusambo or any member of the PF clique of thieves. Instead they wait for God’s grace to light their path towards their destiny. Every well-meaning Zambian should applaud this appointment that gives hope to septagenarians, and those that live selfless, humble lives. One is never too old, just look at Joe Biden at el.

  6. One only hopes Panji can use his position in government, which he never did when he was in government under PF, to lobby for the tarring of the Chipata-Vubwi road. This is so especially that Panji lives and farms in Vubwi much of the time. Contrary to the view of Hon. Milupi, that road is an economic road that can help enhance trade between Malawi and Zambia. Malawians use that road not just to buy Zambian fertiliser under FISP from unscrupulous Zambians but also to buy maize from Zambian farmers in Eastern Province and for Zambian farmers to take it across into Malawi. I have been on that road and know how bad it came be. To get into Vubwi in the rainy season, one has to sometimes get into Malawi before getting back to Zambia.

  7. So, Col. Panji Kaunda cannot survive outside politics? Sometimes people need to be honest with themselves and kindly object to these appointments and instead recommend younger people. What is the difference between a leader wanting to cling to power until death? No, no, no, no ba Panji this is too much. Don’t cheat that you are a farmer when you have failed to stay at your “farm”. We can’t have an old man always waiting for crumbs around when he grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. It is too much now and not funny.

  8. Observer, Panji like many Zambians at the time could’ve spoken against HH; calling him a tribalist or a mason. Remember, the power of misformation can mislead even a sober mind. The PF and its sycophants campaigned tirelessly to paint HH black including pitting him agaist the Kaunda family. Thankfully, the truth was revealed about President HH and his character; many realised their grave misconceptions including Panji Kaunda.

  9. Please, these guys have done their part to the country already. We understand they need to be appreciated, but please, increase young fellows also in such opportunities

  10. To the young, those that want this job. There’s plenty of tough jobs in our country which requires your in put. I love the KK family


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