By Chileshe Mwango
The Energy Regulation Board –ERB- has adjusted downwards petroleum prices by K3.56 ngwee per litre for petrol, K3.14 ngwee per litre for diesel and K2.84 ngwee per litre for kerosene effective midnight.

ERB Board Chairperson Reynolds Bowa has announced the downwards adjustment at a media briefing in Lusaka which he has attributed to downwards trends in fuel prices on the international market.

Mr. Bowa says the reduction is also triggered by the stability of the kwacha on the foreign exchange market.

He says effective midnight tonight, petrol will cost K23.19 ngwee from K26.75 Ngwee and diesel at K24.87 ngwee from K28.01 Ngwee.


  1. Price of petrol is going down in every country.

    This has nothing to do with our government.

    I just hope prices of commodities can start reducing.

    • Yes, it going down because the government is actively monitoring the trends in the international market.
      During COVID era in 2020 ,the price of world crude oil reached $24/barrel. Did pf reduce the price of fuel?
      You are still bitter and not yet recovered from the loss of your pf party.
      Accept it, New Deal Government is at work ba Indigo

      • Awe ba Piranha I am not bitter. I am simply kindly requesting that prices of commodities reduce soon. Hakainde is doing a reasonable job.

        Have a blessed day.

        • You are indeed matured people for real I delighted the was you answered your fellow commenter. That’s the way to go!!. monitoring team is ever alert and methodical like the the president. Each time oil goes up on world market prices must much the procuring price. Each time oil goes down there must be a reduction. Thanks HH and your team. We are following you closely, n right turn or left turn. Monitor and closely supervise your ministers and PS’s and reshuffle them incase some of them makes things difficult for you and the people. Good work..

  2. Before launching his new party, Mr. Kalaba is already talking of winning 2026 elections, what magic is he going to use? Under DP, he failed to win a single seat in parliament, not even at Mayoral or ward level. HH’s winning was free from manipulation and rigging that we had seen in the past, it was purely on popularity, so you can take it or leave it, you won’t lose anything.

  3. When it increases fuel stations even adjust prices before midnight so erb make sure they have adjusted downwards by midnight.

  4. My appeal is for RTSA to make sure bus operators reduce bus fares quickly. Bus operators are quick to increase the fares whenever fuel prices increase even when not necessary and we want to see the same speed of action for a reduction in fares and the reduction should be significant.

  5. This is the transparency we were promised by the New Dawn government. During COVID fuel reduced on the world market as there were no takers. PF remained mute and rooted the huge profits. Those guys should all be in jail.


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