PF appointed its cadres into positions & riled citizens… UPND is appointing its cadres. Politicians don’t learn – Dr. Brian Mushimba



Dr. Brian Mushimba wrote;

PF appointed its cadres into positions & riled citizens. They voted PF out.

UPND is appointing its cadres & somehow convinced that voters won’t vote against them.

Politicians don’t learn.

Meet the new ECZ Chairperson 😣.


  1. Yea, but disciplined cadres to counter PF unruly cadres.
    So you wanted HH to appoint PF cadres to bring his government as early as yesterday.

  2. Honorable? Educated? Disciplined? A cadre is a cadre and his first concern is the interest of his party.

    A cadre can be appointed as a minister but you would be treading on thin ice if you start appointing cadres to head state companies like Zesco or governance institutions like the
    ECZ. Even PF had cadres who are educated, honorable and disciplined.

  3. Just compare the previous ECZ Board to the current one as appointed by the New Dawn and comment.The previous ECZ Board comprised the following:-
    1.Justice Esau Chulu – Chairperson
    2.Dr Emily Joy Sikazwe – Vice Chair
    3.Major General Vincent Mbaulu Mukanda ( Rtd ) – Board Member
    4.Mr David Matongo former MP for Pemba – Board Member
    5.Mrs Ndiyoyi Muluwanda Mutiti – Board Member
    Among the members of the Parliamentary Select Committee that recommended the Ratification of the above nominees by Parliament were Hon C.Mweetwa and Hon E J Muchima who was the Vice Chair of the Select Committee.
    So far the names of the ECZ Board as appointed by President HH are:-

    1 Mrs Mwangala Zalaumis – Chairperson
    2.Amb.Ali Simwiinga – Vice Chairperson
    3.Mr Macdonald Chipenzi – Board Member

    You may now comment with facts.

  4. Dumbwe, you shouldn’t support everything even nonsense.. the writer has a point and you are also saying something else. We love UPND and we want the party to continue ruling but supporting nonsense will make the party go nowhere.


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