By Michael Kaluba
Patriotic Front-PF- Chimwemwe Member of Parliament Allen Banda has appealed against the Ndola High Court ruling to nullify his seat and is seeking interpretation on the matter from the constitutional court.

The Ndola High Court on Monday nullified the election of Mr. Banda as Chimwemwe Member of Parliament citing the failure by the Electoral Commission of Zambia -ECZ- to provide Gen 20 forms in 36 polling stations, which court said affected the credibility of the election.

Mr. Banda confirms to Phoenix News that he has decided to appeal against the ruling to the Constitutional Court arguing that allegations levelled against him were all dismissed with costs but has been punished for mistakes made by the ECZ which he had no control over.

He says that while the courts indicated that re-contesting the nullified seat is an option, he will not spend funds towards an avoidable by-election especially that he did not commit any electoral malpractice or crimes.

The Chimwemwe lawmaker further argues that the ECZ should have been made to compensate the petitioner or ordered to conduct a recount as opposed to him losing his seat based on the commission’s inefficiencies.


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