10th January 2020


PF is bragging about achieving more than what any other previous Government has never achieved before here are some of their achievements. It’s very true that in the history of this Country we have never witnessed the level of corruption and poverty than under Mr. Lungu’s Government. Well done PF, no sane person can vote for you again.

Never in the history of this Country has any previous President decreed corruption by openly saying UBOMBA MWIBALA ALYA MWIBALA this achievement is unprecedented. Never in the history of Zambia have we witnessed miracle houses and the story dies a natural death. This of course is unprecedented. Put all the Auditor General’s reports together from the previous Governments, the money stolen under PF cannot be beaten, and of course this is unprecedented. Even the level of PF’s arrogance is unprecedented.

Look at some of the taxes that this PF Government has introduced, borehole tax, toll gates, withholding tax and medical tax just to mention a few. Yes, no any previous Government has ever been so ruthless and mad at taxing its people than PF and of course this is unprecedented. Look at the price of fuel and electricity it’s only PF that increased fuel and electricity to the levels where the life of an ordinary Zambian has become a nightmare. Which Zambian has been spared by these unprecedented achievements of the PF Government?

Look at the price of mealie meal, it’s only under this PF Government that the price of a 25kg is fetching as much as K180 beating prices from all the previous Governments on the staple food. You can’t believe it that PF has even beaten the price of the once 90 Kg known as MOLOSHI.

Never in the history of this Country have people been killed with impunity by carders of any previous Governments. You cannot compare the amateurish brutality of the UNIP’s vigilante groups to that of the PF killing machine. Under PF carders kill with impunity. Talk of the killing of Mapenzi Chibulo and Lawrence Banda (MHSRIP) just to mention a few and PF is very proud of this unprecedented achievement. Look at the value of the Kwacha against all convertible currencies. The Kwacha has reached unprecedented levels of its weakest

Surely with such achievements no normal thinking Zambian will vote for PF in 2021. ENDESHA CHAPWA LONGA (ECL) It’s therefore shear madness to think of arresting HH for treason because Zambians have rejected you, arrest all the suffering Zambians for their victory.

Percy Chanda

UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter


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