PF Is Sabotaging CDF And Making Communities Suffer To Fight HH



Just as they made most of average persons to be beggers, PF have stopped at nothing but to make sure they frustrated the New Dawn government efforts in empowerment to the communities.

The Ministry of Finance has so far disbursed 75% (about K19 million) of CDF across the country to all constituencies but thos money is lying in banks in most PF controlled constituencies and councils. The PF leadership are having constant meetings with their MPs councillors and WDCs to make sure they don’t apply or implement the CDF. On the contrary, it’s not HH who is suffering but the communities they manage.

Few weeks ago when Hon Dr Chitalu Chilufya was removed as PF member of the Central Committee, he revealed that he doesn’t care of being removed from the NCC but he is against and doesn’t want to take part in the PF games to sabotage CDF in a bid to fight good plans of President Hakainde Hichilema. He stated that people are suffering, CDF is thr best equaliser but blocking them from it is more evil than losing power.

Today Hon Binwell Mpundu has revealed how his council is sabotaging the CDF program. He has since promised to wrote to President Hakainde Hichilema a list with names of his PF councillors who don’t want to utilise CDF. Few weeks ago it was Bowman Lusambo aligning himself with Councillors in Kabushi not to apply for CDF.

There is nothing happening where Hon Kampyongo, Hon Chitotela, Hon Kafwaya, Hon Mundubile, Hon Kampamba Mulenga, etc are in terms of CDF. If you check all PF MPs, only Sunday Chanda is utilising CDF money.

The Minister of Local government Hon Garry Nkombo, Minister of Finance Hon Musokotwane and others should work up and do spot checks otherwise PF will destroy the CDF program.

UPND need to work up from sleeping otherwise PF has hungry dogs.



  1. Like UPND MPs did during PFs time. They made sure Northwestern and Western provinces don’t develop despite Northwestern province harbouring the richest Councils of Kalumbila and Solwezi so that UPND tell the poor Kaondes and my relatives in Western that PF government has segregated the provinces. At least PF Mps are utilising the CDF contrary to this useless article. I visited NW last week there’s literally nothing happening there other than projects PF forced on them.
    It is these same idiots we call MPs who inflict suffering and deprive their people the national cake in the name of not wanting the ruling party score.
    These devil’s remnants called politicians have done everything to ensure Zambia remains poor. We are the enemies to our own country.

    • I think there’s a very big difference. PF largely denied or delayed disbursement of CDF to all opposition areas. UPND to the contrary, has consistently disbursed CDF to all constituencies on time and without segregation. So, the two are not comparable. PF are hell bent on frustrating meaningful development by the current government. We say so because they’re not segregated in funding but deliberately choose not to use the money from CDF in their respective constituencies.

  2. very simple solution. This is about the lives of citizens so the people must be empowered with proper information on how to make their representatives accountable. EVn if it means petitioning them and eventually ejecting them out of power to put in people who will help them develop.

    There are enough laws to keep MPs and others elected officials in check. It’s about time the voters deal with those who don’t want the people to develop. Power is really with the voters and not those given a chance to serve. Termination of a term is an option and now all those interested in development can decampaign those with an agenda to destroy society because of the political greed.

    We are ready to hold mass campaigns as citizens to expose these bad elements and what is happening in good performing areas will be used to show the people in these areas where these greedy officials are not being allowed to enjoy. Soon the people will see the need to vote wisely and using a citizens right petitions will be issued to we cut short some of these appointment and have re-elections.

    Let the games begin.

  3. Then let the government use the DC and provincial minister for development than complaining were very is no issue here.i understand all 116 districts they have got DCs who can explain on this development.information minister wake up from slumber you are too docile let people be updated on information don’t wast time on powerdering mekako

  4. What use to be their game when in opposition for over 10 years has now became their enemy because same one who is not them is playing it, it is the same reason UPND then in opposition their constituency’s and wards were not seen development so who ever wrote this article could have back dated to the TIME when UPND MPs and their councillors were doing it and how it affected their areas and the people. they say what you did to others it will sure came back to you weather good or bad. CHIWAMILA GALU KULUMA MBUZI

  5. UPND Please work up. These guys are so bitter after losing power, they are ready to do anything to get back to power and save their a***** from going to jail. They will stop at nothing to frustrate the good efforts of the new dawn administration. They are nothing but spoilers.


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