Friday 23rd September, 2022

We have noted with serious concerns numerous videos and audios of UPND cadres circulating online threatening to KILL or INJURE any Zambian who criticises President Hakainde Hichilema and his Administration.

What is shocking is that these very eminent threats of violence by the UPND cadres against innocent citizens are going unabated; neither the Police nor the UPND leadership have come forward to condemn and put a stop to this barbaric behaviour being exhibited by the UPND cadres.

I wish to inform the nation that the Patriotic Front has today formally reported this matter to the Inspector General of Police. Threatening violence is a serious crime punishable by law. It is our hope that the police will act accordingly and swiftly bring the purveyors of violence to book.

Zambia is a democracy and not a dictatorship. Every Zambian has the constitutional right to criticise and hold their elected leaders accountable without any fear of retribution.

The UPND government must learn to accept criticism and tolerate divergent views; we can’t all be praise singers. This is totally unacceptable!

I urge my fellow Zambians to remain resolute and not to give in to the UPND’s cowardly and savage acts of intimidation.m and violence.

Zambia does not belong to UPND, it belongs to every Zambian thus we should not allow UPND to turn this country into a multi-party dictatorship.

I thank you.

Issued by;
Hon Nickson Chilangwa, MP, MCC, AIH
Acting Secretary General
Patriotic Front


  1. Where are these videos and voice notes found? Now Zambians have a right to criticise in the new dawn government a right you never allowed anyone to have against your PF party. Chawamina mbuzi?. Stop your cheap propaganda.

  2. Chilangwa is very very very dull, who elected such an ignorant to parley? Oh I almost forgot that he is a rural MP where K20s made a lot of difference. Then he was appointed minister by a blind man. You cannot go the police and tell them that someone is threatening anyone who will insult his friend and expect the police to act. Surely, mwe Lesa aya mashilu nikwi yafuma?

  3. I haven’t seen those videos weh . This could be part of that scheme we heard about by pf. Zambia is better in the hands of upnd but sometimes this freedom bally gave us is being abused by pf and some citizens who think they can get away with anything.those who are abusing it should be sorted out cz they will insult anyone with impunity.


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