PF Request For A Meeting With U.S Vice President Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris


  1. You chased the American ambassador during your time , lelo you are asking for a meeting with vp of America,what a confused lot.

  2. After all the rubbish you have said about the USA – why do you think she would be interested in meeting with you? When HH meets with these people, you call him a puppet of the West. Now here you are, begging for a meeting with the same West you insult.

  3. Ba PF nabo! Chilangwa is recorded as saying they hate Kamila Harris and bragged that when they were in power they “chased” the USA ambassador. Now he wants a meeting with her for what? Bunch of useless empty headed thugs.

  4. Please donot allow them to meet Mrs Harris . What do they want if they are serious let them make their own trip to the USA. Why should they an agenda for her? Very interfering they are . Please inform the VIP that PF idiots were condemning the visit . PF did not want her to come to Zambia stating that she is coming to talk about LGBTQ. Now she is they want to pretend love. These idiots who do they think they are? They are not superior over anyone as they display themselves. Silly idiots

  5. Apapena, one can judge for him/herself that are PF normal in mind? Weed is weeding in their minds. Sure after saying they will protest and again the same saying they want to meet USA vice president?

  6. It’s quite normal for visiting foreign dignitaries to meet members of the opposition. The USA knows who the PF are from diplomatic despatches made by the US embassy in Lusaka. If Kamala Harris herself feels that there’s something to be gained from meeting the largest opposition party in Zambia, she can make it very easy for the PF to meet her.


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