National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Steven Nyirenda says the PF government is taking Zambians for granted.

And Nyirenda has accused the media of failing the public by not exposing people behind the spate of gassing that characterised the nation.

Featuring on a special programme on Kabwe’s KNC Radio, Nyirenda said government was not telling people the truth about serious matters affecting them.

“This Patriotic Front government is taking Zambians for granted. First, it started with the speculations about the ownership of the 48 houses in Lusaka, which eventually died without establishing the true owner of the said properties. Then there was an issue of gassing that we witnessed and it resulted in people losing property and lives,” Nyirenda said.

“This gassing was so terrible such that some individuals or gangs went to an extent of burning or destroying private and public property. These gangs destroyed and burnt public infrastructure such as police posts and the like. But to date, we don’t know the person or individuals that were masterminds behind the gassing incidences.”

He said PF leaders were under the assumption that people were docile.

He further challenged the media to expose owners of the 48 hours.

“They want to assume that Zambians are docile. A lot of people died, some of them were bread winners with dependents to look after. Had it been in other jurisdictions, had it been in other countries, the minister responsible for ensuring that law and order is maintained should have resigned,” said Nyirenda.

“You journalists, being the fourth estate, have failed the Zambian people for failing to expose the people behind these seemingly serious crimes. Both the PF government and the media have failed the Zambian people on these issues. The media should have gone deeper to investigate these issues, ensure that they get to the bottom of the whole issue as opposed to just scratching on top.”


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