Welcome to 21st century Zambia, a Headteacher welcoming newly deployed teachers at one of the Community Schools, and you guys were busy singing alebwelelapo. Mwaba shani kanshi 😭😭😭😭.

What’s even more shocking is that some of you are still supporting their rebranding efforts, are we bonkers?

Ambassador Mwamba, Hon Chishimba Kambwili, Hon Bowman Lusambo, are you serious comrades? What are you hoping to do for the country that you failed to do in over 20 years of being in MMD now PF?

Now am sure you are good people but my golly gosh, you are shocking politicians.

Sean Tembo, Tayali, Saboi, Dr. Fred M’membe. This happened under your watch as you were the opposition to offer checks and balances, Bana babo aya ama politics yaku olofeya aikona man.

Let’s sober up,our poorest of people need you.I earnestly implore you to please do better!!

©Linda Banks


  1. Stop this kind of politicking. We all read daily mail and have travelled around. I personally have seen a number of new schools with some bad old schools still there. PF never said they had facelifted every one of the existing schools no. But they have done extremely well in infrastructure having been around even 20 years ago. Its a different picture today.
    So appreciate where its deal.

  2. Lets get a life people and move on. Buildings without employing trained for 10yrs mean nothing. Such schools as depicted still had no teachers but PF would not employ them. They waited to build in areas of choice to employ their own relatives but were fortunately kicked out!


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