Pilato castigate those thinking only them should sing for HH

He wrote:

Mr. HAKAINDE Hichilema is the president for all Zambians. The entitlement by some artists who feel they own the president just because they sung for him is very disturbing. The president has a responsibility to serve every citizen even those artists that didn’t sing for him.

Opportunities to work and make money are not just for the UPND aligned artists or members. No single individual can claim to have made Bally become president, he was voted for by over 2.8m people. The time for partisan opportunities ended with the PF. There are so many underprivileged people amongst us who voted for Mr. HAKAINDE Hichilema but didn’t sing for him. They too deserve to be served. If artists wants to be rewarded for singing for the UPND, let them wait for the party convention. We cannot use our proximity to the party to claim advantage and disqualify others because they didn’t sing for a political party of your choice.

Young people, we have a duty to build a better Zambia now. We have a new government, this is an opportunity for us to build back better together. The president has clearly said, opportunities for all Zambians.


  1. Well spoken. However, history is a good teacher and we should learn it them.

    All those who participated in obtaining stolen monies from our great republic must be taken note of and stopped from repeating their wicked activities.

    There was nothing wrong with them singing for the parties they preferred , however when it came to putting Zambia first everyone had a duty to uphold of laws.

    Those who did not commit crimes are welcome to participate, those who stole will first face the law enforcement agencies and answer for their actions before they should asked to join in with the rest of the crew.

    We need to be very decisive about this, or else we may encourage lawlessness to be seen as a means of earning a living.

    Other than this I agree with you.

  2. True, but for now let them earn a living for having been left out of PF slush funds given out to selected musicians. When the dust has settled everyone will have equal opportunity to vie for these music singing contracts.

  3. What we want is good music. Even PF went for good musicians. Just because a good musician sung at your competitor’s party does not mean they cannot sing at yours. Pilato makes sense. If by singing at PF parties then they stole, report them to the police. We cannot have mediocre musicians just because they sing for the ruling party. The singers at the inaugration were not the best Zambia has. On that day it can be forgiven. But how long will you throw away good talent for mediocrity in the industry.

  4. Pilato is on firm ground.
    I bet none of singers seeking exclusivity suffered more at the hands of Pf oppressive regime.
    He suffered without monetary gain contrary to Musicians.
    Ive heard him sing for HH in any case and have heard his Koswe Muponto and Alungu anabwela,all at the height of oppresive regime.
    I support his observation.


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