The CF is concerned at the double standards being exhibited by the UPND and its leadership.

When it was convenient for the Catholics to speak out against the ills committed by the previous government they were too quick to run to the Catholic Church to ask for their voice but now that they are in government, they would like to despise the Catholic Church for speaking out for the poor.

A reality check will tell you that the people of Zambia are suffering. Life has become much harder than it was even under the previous government. It is hypocrisy of the highest order to expect the church to keep quiet. I advise the President to reconsider his position and stop the confrontational posture his party has taken against the church. He should be explaining why in his wisdom he feels praying for the nation is foolishness not what he is doing.

Please stop the attacks on the church and reprimand your party SG for insulting the church. ~ Harry Kalaba


  1. No church has been insulted, but the devil in wolves skin has been named lucifer. The Bible says respect the government of the day as it is put there by God.

    • You people are experts at insults, amateurs on running the country.

      Insults 10/10
      Lies 10/10
      Governance 1/10
      Corruption convictions 0/10



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