Suspected abductors Mathews Sikaonga and James Bwalya have been arrested in Kaoma according to close sources. Here is a video by Chris Mulaliki of the captured suspected abductors.

“To the Inspector General with all due respect sir, I’d to say that the Police haven’t done anything, they failed to catch us -Suspected Kidnapper Says


  1. So this son of a bitch has the mouth to talk and faking remorse? THUNDER FIRE THIS DOG. Who tells him that he will come of prison? Does this dog know the seriousness of the crimes they have committed as dogs that they are? In fact the police will do better to get the real truth from these idiots, they couldn’t have been only the two of them, the idiot is trying to protect other fellow criminals so that they continue with their heinous criminal activities. These idiots MUST PAY IN FULL for their criminality along with others who are yet to be arrested. STU PID IDI OTS.

    • I really regret having doubted the genuineness of the girls’ kidnap and torture, I really feel for their families. I said what I may have said following the silence from the family of Pamela, not knowing that these little devils had continued in their criminal avenue to kidnap and torture more of our young girls, daughters, nieces, sisters, cousins, and future leaders. Please ba Police ensure every other dog related to this heinous crime is brought to book and let them go in forever without any provision for parole or presidential pardon. Ni mbwa ishine shine ishi.

  2. Zambia Police under Remmy Kajoba has just become good at extracting money from erring motorists and causing anguish to opponents of the ruling UPND by drving them to far flung places like Lukulu to go and answer charges brought against them by UPND cadres. They have become so incompetent because they have been politicised. It is such a shame to have a police force in today’s Zambia like Zambia Police.

  3. Dr. Kaoma, the Police Force (PF) lost direction under the Patrotic Front (PF). It will take some time to clean it up. The PF party managed to corrupt every institution, including the Church. The incompetence and politicizing of the police peaked during the PF rein.

  4. This UPND Ploice force is too weak and cannot ight crime. What is the point of having such a weakened organisations. Crime is thriving through out the country and meanwhile the Police are only working in gossip, no proper cordinated actions; all cases being lost in court – this ody has become morribund.
    PF police were far much better in terms of law enforcement – excluding the thieving!

  5. This issue must be looked at deeply, yes some people will argue that UPND had nothing to with this but the truth is they caused this criminality amongst its members due to the fact that they were not prepared to form govt and prior to elections, the UPND had armed their followers(cadres) with arms to fight once they lost. Now that they won and these chaps are still armed and nobody to fight as most PF thugs have vanished or gone into hiding, the markets and bus stations taken over by the relevant authorities, these chaps have got nowhere to go or feed from except terrorising innocent people. UPND officials have no plan for their uneducated followers whom they used so well while in the opposition and now they have dumped them with nothing to show for it. This is what has caused these riff raffs to go out there to commit crimes because they are hungry and neglected by their party. But again that is no justification for committing crimes. Hopefully the law will deal with these criminals severely.

  6. Problem with pfidiots, if UPND had no plan to take over power why then did they stand and get 1m+ votes making your ecl to break another presidential record of being the worst loser in Zambia! Ati UPND armed their cadres, atase ikaleni fye ba pompwe ba mwankole anyandule

  7. @Chilyata, you say the PF police were better at law enforcement. Did they solve the gassing mystery? How about the market fires?

  8. A very stupid arrogant young fool. Does he think the police have a spiritual mirror to find out their hiding place.

    This annoying fool needs a beating to bring him back to reality. Lives have been seriously disturbed by their witchcraft and senseless baberic actions. These can face the death penalty for sure. The don’t deserve mercy because he would do it again from his arrogant statement.

    It is also disturbing that most people don’t understand that the police every where around the world work with the communities and the citizens to apprend criminals. They have informants or private investigators who work with leads from the general public who assist with arrest.

    These operations are dangerous and should not be unwisely exposed. We thank God that the young nen who acted very bravely managed to disarm these thugs and rescued the innoncent people. However it should be emphasised that criminals ar merciless and can kill to get away. Hence caution is necessary when approaching these dangerous crinimals. The Police are trained to handle these types of sohisticated criminals and should be commended for putting their lives on the line on behalf of the public. Many citizens have experienced many occations where they have been rescued out of danger.

    It is obvious that the Police Service needs to educate the general public on how it needs work with them to sort out cases which are still outstanding.

    Remember, crinimals live amongst the community. Hence common sense demands that fishing out these criminals can not take place without the help and involvement of the community.

    while I appreciate that the media houses have the right to expose these news reports ,it is important that the people involved in the operation such as the residents must be protected until the investigations are successfuly completed. Thats why in some international medias they hide the indentity of those whom they feel may be in danger or in harms way as wittnesses.
    It is amazing and shameful that even some MP are un wise about these issues.

    Finally , while I agree with the fact that there are some inefficeincies and management issues in the police force. These are not insurmountable and can be worked on. Let us not destroy the confidence in the only structures we have to protect us. What is happening in other countries to these men and women in uniform is not to be allowed to come to our countries in Zambia. What is needed is an education on how the community works with the police in orfder to prevent and slove complex cases.

    Otherwise lawlessness will be the order of the day with no one to enforce the law. Such a society is not worth living in only crinimals thrive in such places.

  9. To be honest nowadays the police are useless. The only thing they know is money. There’s no more professionalism. Integrity doesn’t exist. Where is Zambia going? You can never go to report a crime without a police asking for money. Just what has gone wrong in Zambia?


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