Police Detain Charles Kabwita and Pastor Mwila Kambwili in Kasama

Kasama- Wednesday June 2022

Police in Kasama have detained the brother to Hon. Chishimba Kambwili, Pastor Mwila Kambwili and NDC Spokesperson, Charles Kabwita.

The duo was detained when they took food in the afternoon to Dr. Kambwili.

And earlier Police dispersed the crowd that had gathered outside Kasama Police Station.

This was after information emerged that Dr. Kambwili will not appear in Court three days after he was transported to Kasama on charges of hate speech.

Meanwhile lawyers for Kambwili have applied in the Kasama Magistrate Court for Dr. Kambwili to be admitted to bail pending trial.


  1. Some cases are bondable and other cases – Criminal cases – Iike hate trible speaches can be turned into treason.
    If Tutsi and Hutu could be described as they were caused by hate speach, then CK will be charged for that because Zambia is not Tonga or Bemba but is for more than 73 tribes and not tribe is above another tribe.

  2. DIARRHEA mouth CK says he needs a breathing machine. Well good luck this time we will all breathe the same air.

    You talk too much but you have a soft skin. UZAONA MATAKO YA NJOKA

  3. Bond should not be given to criminals,let him stay in cells and later on be sentenced to jail for perpetuating hate speech against his own fellow zambian ck could not think when he was being used by 2pf look now you’re bathing fresh air in cells alone while your fellow idiots are busy warming themselves with their wives on expensive beds, ck grow up

  4. Chishimba Kambwili in most cases talks without thinking, his talk is careless and childish. A seasoned leader should have ethics and principles in whatever he or she says. The behaviour of Kambwili through his utterances is quite disappointing and does not inspire the youth and the nation. Those who practice tribalism are just digging their own gravels and shortening their political aspirations. No tribe is above other tribes to those people who practice tribalism it is a sign of insecurity and inferiority complex.

  5. This is the dictatorship Zambians wanted, it’s here now. Even police are being instructed from State house. Is it an offence to tell a Tonga that he’s practicing tribalism? The Tonga practising tribalism is the offender! You will see the way Upnd will come out with zeros next elections! They will not manage to rig again!

    • You should be PF and according to your shallow mind it is okay to discriminate against other tribes. Please know tribalism is a bad for the country. It has the potential to destabilise a country and hinder development. Practicing tribalism is primitive and a crime. It is not good for our country. We are all Zambians and need to co-exist for the common good. No one is superior to the other.

  6. And PF think this bundle of flesh can be their president. He should be tried by a neutral lawyer not those pf surrogates remaining in the judicially all over.
    Do not listen to him crying about his health we have seen him cheating that he is sick only to evade arrest. This time let him die in cells if he can u-turn on Kasongo who is no more what about him? Foolish dununa sh……….t.

  7. Why hasn’t kapyanga the mpika MP also been summoned. Kapyanga called for killing of the roaches who went to mpika which he said was the bedroom for someone.

    One harry kalaba said now people are free to go to mpika, he met kapyanga is an mp and trying to hide the violence he promoteted behind.

    Kapyanga was more dangerous talk than anyone else. Police should not be hesitating


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