Police summon FDD President, Edith Nawakwi


Police summon FDD President, Edith Nawakwi. She is expected to appear before officers at Service HQ


  1. This call out is like winning a lottery for it unnecessarily puts her in the limelight she has been craving for. For her indeed this is a big stage. She wont be lonely for she will have the unusual company of Kalaba, Mmembe, Mundubile , Bo Lubinda and yes the distinguished TAYALI. indeed this is a lottery the madam has just won.

  2. Leave the woman alone…This government of police call outs has become a circus. If these energy was directed to governance, things couldn’t be falling apart as the case is.
    This government has become noise, a shell with no substance , empty with no Direction apart from police call outs.. Sad.

  3. For this culture of police call outs to end the president needs to stop the freedom of speech which has been greatly abused by some people. There is freedom of speech and there is abuse of privilege.


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