POLICE in Lusaka have summoned the seven Opposition leaders that held a press conference at a hotel on Monday morning.

PEP leader Sean Tembo confirmed the development and disclosed that he received a police call shortly after holding the event.

The call has instructed that he reports to Lusaka Service Headquarters at 09hrs on Tuesday 25th January 2022.

Indoor meetings are excluded from Notice to the Police under the Public Order Act.

The seven political leaders raised various governance issues against the government of President Hakainde Hichilema.

Below is the full report.

Seven opposition political party leaders have met at Southern Hotel in Lusaka to discuss various governance issues of concern under the new administration.

Among those in attendance include Patriots for Economic Progress’ s Sean Tembo, Democratic Party’s Harry Kalaba, New Heritage party Chishala Kateka and People’s Alliance for Change leader, Andyford Banda.

Others are National Democratic Congress’s Saboi Imboela, Economic Freedom Fighters leader Kasonde Mwenda and United for Better Zambia’s Hector Soondo.

Details to follow


  1. They are not opposition leaders naimwe. How is one an Opposition leader, when they have no councillors, no Mps, getting Zeros in elections? Please lets use words carefully. The only difference between them and Muliokela is that they have money. Sean Tembo stole money from Bostwana. The rest were being bankrolled by the might Titanic. Kalaba needs to distance himself from the rotten individuals. If he is not carful people will begin to fail to distinguish the difference.

  2. POA is a bad law and as long as it is not amended it will continue to be abused by police. This law needs urgent attention in the current seating of parliament sooner than later.

  3. One man parties getting together. Ba mwenda no followers just making noise in the political arena .anyway let them start teaming up now soon that group will break up because they all have selfish motives. That mwenda has hatred against bally that we know so I don’t know what they are trying to achieve. You will not sway bally it won’t work. He has been through alot so just sit down concentrate on building your parties.

  4. Saboi, you caution UPND not to make the same mistakes made by the PF or face the axe. Is it not good for you if government continues to shoot itself in the foot? Is your advice sincere or mere political rhetoric? The UPND unlike PF is a government of laws intent on serving the Zambia people. At this rate of UPND popularity, you would wait to be a very old woman to even stand a glimmer of hope at smelling political victory.

  5. Let it be very clear what they are being called for.
    If it is just the meeting or press conference that UPND and Bally to say the least we are disappointed.

    Is this how you will run our country by playing cat and mouse!!!

    Broaden your vision. These are nit national issues. Focus on what people want and then all this will be noise which no one will care about. The only way to silence critics is by performing your functions and not arm twisting…

    It is still early. We still give you benefit of doubt


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