PF presidential candidate Chishimba Kambwili has warned President Hakainde Hichilema (HH) and Deputy Police Inspector General Funwell Siadenge that the power they have now is temporal.

The Police yesterday stormed Kambwili’s residence with a view to arrest him, he says but he was away. He says despite his Lawyers having told the Police that he will avail himself on February 6, on Monday.

Kambwili says he has been briefed that the person in charge of all this police harassment on politicians was Siadenge based at State House and not Lemmy Kajoba.

He has since appolgised to Kajoba saying he now knows the person behind the political harassment on the opposition.

Kambwili says it’s unfortunate that Hichilema and Siadenge who went through political harassment during the PF reign were repeating the same to others warning that the political they have now is temporal.

He was speaking on a live address on his Facebook page monitored by Zambian Eye where he said the police were after him.

Kambwili said the Police want to charge him with an unlawful assembly for meeting some people who went to meet him at his Residence.

He said unlawful assembly was when more than three people meet with an intention of disrupting peace which cannot apply in his situation.

Kambwili said one of the Boys who went to his house had been in police custody since Monday and that he was only charged on Thursday and denied bond.

He said the police want to jointly charge him with the boy in custody for unlawful assembly and promoting tribalism.

Zambian Eye


  1. What has arresting you got to do with HH? YOU are a coward who can t shut his mouth. Respect the president. Even if we Zambians are fools do you think we can vote an idiot tribalist like you into power?


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