The Minister for Internal Affairs Gen. Kahinda Otafiire has urged people to work hard and eradicate poverty instead of lamenting their plight.

Otafiire was on Sunday officiating at the opening of a boys’ dormitory of St Klaus Comprehensive Trade School in Bufunjo village, Kifuka Town Council in Kyenjojo district.

“Poor people will not go to heaven because they insult God through lamentations and accusations every day. Why do you disturb God by asking him for money all the time yet he gave you hands, eyes, brains, ears, land, and rains amongst others? The tools he gave you are enough to make you prosper,” Otafiire said.

The minister said there are some people who do not want to work but expect to get rich.

“If you do not use the tools God gave you, do not blame him when you remain poor. Strive to overcome poverty because being rich is glorious,” Otafiire said.

He called upon people to be united and have a collective effort in fostering development instead of dividing themselves based on religions or tribes.

Otafiire also advised parents to invest in education which he said is a foundation for development both at the household and national level.

“If you do not educate your children, whatever is left for them will be squandered including land or money due to poor management. But if you instil in them knowledge through education, you are assured of great benefits,” Otafiire said.

The Bishop of Fort Portal Diocese, Rt Rev. Dr Robert Muhirwa, advised people to embrace vocational and technical education which he said helps a person to be self-reliant through job creation.

The school’s headteacher, Sr Rosemary Kemigisa, said the school was founded in 2015 and currently has an enrolment of 775 children both at the primary and secondary levels.


  1. This Exhibition of poor leadership, though in a foreign country is very a sad reflection of the kind of leadership we have in Africa.

    Most African countries are suffering deep poverty because in most cases it’s leaders have mismanaged the national resources and through theft acts of corruption. This plundering of resources have many facilitators. Institutions which aid these criminals to steal, and allow them to repeat these treacherous acts and also surprisingly and unfairly protect them against prosecution through weak laws enacted by the law makers.

    Having improverished the citizens through corruption, negligence or incompetence. To add salt to injury the billions of dollars stolen is taken away and banked into the European Banks who lower the requirements for due diligence on the source of the income. Hence when greedy leaders die from Africa they leave their billions of dollars stuck in these banks with no one to claim them justly because most of them were obtained illegally.

    After considering all this, it is unreasonable to make such unjustified statements to a people who are in poverty while it is your duty to provide the enabling environment for them to prosper. This responsibility is implied and we can say with all fairness that the state of the citizens in any country is the reflection of the leaders that govern it. I believe this man time to led is. Long gone. He has no plan to make his people prosper and it’s a shame.

  2. Who told this idiot that some idiots and thieves like him will go to heaven? To do what? To go and mess up? If their leader Satan was chased from heaven, what makes him think that thieving friends of Satan have a place in heaven?

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