Pregnant 11 times with No child to show, meet Rachael


Pregnant 11 times with No child to show, meet Rachael

Racheal Njoki Munene has been pregnant 11 times, but she does not have a single baby to show for all those times.

The 35-year-old was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, but she says the one weird bit about her condition is that there was never protein in her urine.

Njoki opened up to, revealing that during the pregnancies, her blood pressure was always very high and she suffered from low amniotic fluid, known medically as oligohdramnios.

The young woman disclosed that every new pregnancy she had brought fresh hopes that this was finally the time to become a mother, but that would come crashing down at 28 weeks.

It is a condition that, among other things, cost her marriage as her ex husband used that to chide and torment her.

She walked out of the toxic marriage and has been on a recovery path, but the void of not having a baby remains gaping, as fresh as it was years ago.

Looking at Njoki’s bubbly personality, one may not easily tell the sad moments and ugly memories she carries from the past.

She has watched life flame out of the eyes of her babies, sometimes in hospital incubators, others in her own arms.

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Photo: Racheal Njoki (Facebook)


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