This morning we met a delegation from the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB).

The delegation was led by ZCCB President, Most Rev. Ignatius Chama who is also Archbishop of Kasama. He was accompanied by Rt. Rev. Charles Kasonde, Rt. Rev. George Cosmas Zumaire Lungu, Rt. Rev. Evans Chinyemba, Rev. Dr Benjamin Phiri, Rt. Rev. Clement Mulenga and Rt. Rev. Patrick Chisanga Bishop of Mansa.

Others in attendance included Rt. Rev. Valentine Kalumba, Rt. Rev. Edwin Mulandu, Fr. Francesco Airoldi and Rev. Fr. Francis Mukosa the ZCCB Secretary-General.

We appreacite the role the church plays in fostering unity and peace in the nation. The church has been a source of stability when conflict was knocking on the door in the 1990s. During the Third Term bid, the church was again there to speak for the masses and today, the church continues to provide that leadership.

Our administration is resolved to uniting this nation and we need the involvement of the church in achieving this agenda.

We are on a road to reconstructing this country which can only happen if we operate in a peaceful environment. Only then can we create jobs and business opportunities for all Zambians. We want this country to be a production, processing and a distribution hub.

We are bringing in a different style of leadership, one that is anchored on good governance and accountability. Our fight against corruption is not a tribal issue; it’s to protect the assets and use that money to create more jobs.

It’s on this basis that we are working on recovering all assets belonging to Zambians. Our fight against corruption is and will never be selective. We will recover that which belongs to the people of Zambia.

Hakainde Hichilema


  1. We applaud you our Bally a true leader. Never wavering from the focus. God bless you abundantly as you work towards placing our Zambia on a higher ground.

  2. Your Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema, in your Excellency we have a Leader.

    You opted to keep quite on the fact that those Same Catholic Bishop never spoke against the Evil actions orchestrated by the previous regime for reasons best known by themselve. That was really sad.

    Your Excellency President Hakainde, may God continue blessing you with wisdom for Governing this great Nation of Zambia.


    • Yes ,in fact Archbishop Banda was a PF cadre who was a personal friend of ECL. He received a lot of money from ECL. By the way he is not the senior most bishop in Zambia. Whoever at any time is Chairman of the ZCBC is most senior. In hierarchay Banda is same place with the Archbishop of Kasama. I am sure he is now very ashamed of his recent past activities.

  3. I posses great respect for the Catholic & other traditional Churches who should have taken the role they are now playing of Church leadership in Zambia. These fake pastors from Pentecostal & independent churches have manipulated Gods WORD to feed them selves against God ‘s Law, and if you challenge them, they threaten you with our All Loving God. Shame on all these churches who side with evil rather than with the people!!!


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