President Lungu Is Wise And Intelligent, Harry Kalaba You Are A Chief Hypocrite- Kabemba

Judith Kabemba


Democratic Party (DP) Office Bearer Judith Kabemba has described former foreign affairs minister under the Patriotic Front-PF-led Administration as Chief hypocrite.

Reacting to Mr. Kalaba’s sharing on his Facebook page where he said the witch-hunt going on around the sixth President is called for, Ms. Kabemba said it was Mr. Kalaba who told Zambians that President Lungu was corrupt and that is what led to his resignation as cabinet minister.

Ms. Kabemba said Mr. Kalaba infact contributed to the downfall of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the PF as a party.

She recalled how Mr. Kalaba castigated the PF Administration, tarnishing their names as he portrayed them as corrupt leaders for three years.

“President Lungu is wise and intelligent. He knows those that betrayed him. Those that contributed to his and the PF downfall.”

“Today they want to talk about the trouble they put on him hypocrites.

“Some people are really hypocrites and the waste of them is Harry Kalaba. Chief hypocrite.”

“Zambians will recall that it was Kalaba who told us from 2018 to 2021 that President was Lungu corrupt. So what has changed today. When he said that what did he expect from Zambians?”

Ivory Ivory” Ms. Kabemba shared on Dynamic Analysis Zambia Whatsapp group.

And Mr. Kalaba who is former Bahati Member of Parliament and Democratic Party (DP) 2021 Presidential candidate, further stated in his sharing on Facebook that if the Zambian Government has doubts on the dealings of the former President, let them immediately remove his immunity and as he himself has requested, have his day in court.

Mr. Kalaba also urged Government to be brave to grab the bull by its horns instead of going round circles.

He added that the drama must end and it must end now.


  1. You have a personal grudge madam. Do not mislead us. Mr. Lungu never said anything sensible as president. As former president it is worse, imagine he is entitled to at least half of what HH has, from drinking Jameson?. That’s intelligence for you! As a leader you are zero yourself. Mr. Kalaba made the mistake of misleading you that you could be a leader. You look beautiful, but from what you have been saying so far, your leadership qualities are zero.

  2. And you are an ugly bull dog that even a monkey won’t have s3x with you,
    President in waiting, Mr Kalaba, I’m with you. You are the next President after HH


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