Nigerian Prophet Isaac Amata has U-turned on his death prophecies on Zambia’s new President Hakainde Hichilema following a strong social media backlash against his prophecies that the Zambian would die soon on the basis that he was not God-choosen.

Amata who is renowned for working with the former governing party the Patriotic Front -PF-, said Friday that he took total responsibility for all his prophecies, apologizing to President Hichilema while revealing his failed political marriage of convenience with the PF:

“I am sorry for everything. PF used me and have failed to pay me in full. President Hichilema of the great Republic of Zambia should find it in his heart to forgive me for all the bad things I was forced to say against him.”

On the run up to August 12 elections, the malnutritioned looking Prophet shared a series of prophecies predicting a landslide win for former President Edgar Lungu, with sidelines commentaries that accused God of having rejected Hichilema because of the alleged 1990s privatization mismanagement.

Amata’s former follower who spoke to AfricaWorld Reports under anonymity conditions via a Skype interview said Amata is just a magician and conman that lives on blackmailing powerhungry African politicians:

“…… I must say without bias that Amata is not a prophet but a magician, conman who makes a life through blackmailing power hungry politicians. If he was a true Prophet, why doesn’t focus on praying for our nation, Nigeria facing many challenges on fronts? Stop giving this crook attention.”

Zambia remains a country whose politicians believe in prophecies more than in their hard work and political realities. Lungu goes in his history as the most gullible man to have been elected president of Zambia and later misled by conmen dressed in bishops’ color.



  1. Amata, the foolishness that was being embraced in PF of falling for prophecies from quacks must not be extended to UPND because we do not condone quacks, you have the liberty to apologize for your foolishness but that does not mean as Zambians we can forget or even forgive you, do not even attempt to come to Zambia because you will not be welcome.

  2. Nigerian so-called prophets don’t work for nothing. Edgar Lungu really cheapened the presidency by dealing with scum from Nigeria.

  3. Ask yourself first are you God chosen not even people chosen, who elected you to be a prophet you idiot son of a bitch, you imbecile.

  4. Go get yourself a real job instead of coning people you devilish man. Zambia is a Christian Nation, therefore, no weapon formed against it shall be able to prosper. God’s favour is upon it and its people. Go and burn in hell satan, we reject you.


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