Zambia’s controversial man of God Prophet Ian Genesis has come after social media influencer and activist Simon Mwewa of Simon Mwewa Lane Television for calling him a false prophet.

Yesterday, Simon Mwewa uploaded a video clip on his Facebook page in which he attacked the man of God after he announced that he will be introducing anointing oil very soon.

Addressing his followers on Facebook Simon Mwewa said what Ian Genesis is doing is a clear scam and is a “payer for profit”

“I want you guys to understand that anytime you see a so called man of God which really charlatans on Facebook are false prophets. When you see them peddling a product any type of product and they call it a point of contact between themselves and you, just known that is a scam, it is prayer for profit,” he said.

He then called on people not be deceived adding that “false prophet Ian Genesis is only after your money.”

Reacting to the accusations, Prophet Ian Genesis told his followers to be more careful of people like Mwewa because according to his spiritual findings, someone used the brain of Mwewa for money rituals.

“Beware of People like Simon Mwewa Television, I made spiritual inquiries about him. My findings are that, someone used his brain for Money rituals. His grammar is also part of the madness. Taking him seriously is risky,” Ian Genesis said.


  1. Eeei! Man of God, stop demining yourself by responding to critics the world is fellosing at you. I don’t even know why you are wasting time responding to these people if truly you are a man of God. You can’t win this game of words. These people will always talk just keep your ayes on the ball and preach the gospel of God.


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