Prophet Ian Genesis


Prophet Ian Genesis says the Patriotic Front Leadership has a spirit of a Python hence subjecting many poor Zambians to hard times now and beyond 2020.

Prophet Ian Genesis says a Leadership from God does not subject poor citizens to suffer like the way the Patriotic Front Administration has made Zambians go through everyday.

The man of God has invited men and women of God to condemn the behaviour by the PF Leadership to subjecting Zambians into harder lives charging that the Spirit of Python upon many Leaders in PF must be cast out.

He says he will continue standing and speaking for the majority suffering Zambians because there is no fairness from the Patriotic Front Administration.

Prophet Ian Genesis says many people are suffering and PF leaders are not paying attention to many challenges Zambians are going through.

He says it is his prayer that PF can drop the python spirit and deliver to the Zambian people in a Godly manner.

Prophet Ian Genesis has further warned of massive consequences should the PF fail to address many challenges Zambians are being subjected to.

For clarification and any other prayer requests, you can call/WhatsApp Prophet Ian Genesis on +260973150507.


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