Prophet promises married woman White man

A PROPHET’S assurance to a married woman that he could pray for her to get married to a White man because she was too beautiful for her husband has stirred trouble in his devotee’s marriage.

Grayson Kaligwa, 41, of Lusaka West, complained before the Matero Local Court that problems with his wife Yvonne Mwiinga, 33, started when her friend advised her that she deserved a better man because she was beautiful.

Kaligwa was testifying in a matter he was sued by his wife, Mwiinga, for divorce.

The couple got married in 2017 and has two children.

‘‘Problems started when my wife’s friend told her that she is too beautiful and deserves a better man. Recently, a prophet from the church she goes to said he can prophesy and pray that she gets married to a White man.”

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail


  1. So many of these profiters, misleading people. The sad part of it is that some people believe them just because of transposing the word profiter to prophet. How can there be so many prophets in Zambia and Nigeria and none in Israel?


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