Controversial man of God Seer1 real name Andrew Ejimadu has come after people who rely on God for revenge when someone wronged them.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Seer1 urges those with such mentality to make it very important to revenge once opportunity presents itself.

“Don’t wait on God to avenge for you when you have an opportunity to revenge,” wrote Seer1.

According to seer1 it is not a sin to cause pain to people that caused pain to you.

“Always try your possible best to cause pain to the people that cause pain to you, let them know how painful it is to go through what you went through,” he said.

“Let them feel exactly how you felt. This is not a sin,” added Seer1.

He then stressed that by doing so, people will reduce doing bad things to other people “and we will live in a crime free world.”


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