One of Zambia’s finest prophetess Naise has dropped a shocking prophecy for the country.

Writing on her Facebook page, the woman of God said there is a discussion going on against again the ruling party United Party for National Development (UPND) which is being led by President Hakainde Hichilema.

According to the prophetess, she saw chaos erupting in all parts of the country as a result of confusion which was planted by the people plotting for the downfall of the president and his ruling party.

“As if that was not enough God showed me I serious raid stampede rush large groups !! Targeting big malls !! Fire breaking out , there’s a discussion against the ruling party I saw them entering compounds promising them a good pay to cause confusion !! I saw this raid on CNN,” wrote prophetess Naise.

She then urged Zambians to be on their guard praying for their country and president that none of the things she saw should come to pass.


  1. Well. She confirms that the click of thugs are plotting. At least the narrative depicts the apparent haters plots. Anyway, it’s information about doom and God won’t permit, in fact the culprits will be found out and arrested.

    I see, another Zambia. One were ribalist get arrested and thieves find out that the long arm of the law will definitely reach them together with the loot they are hiding.

    A Zambia were prosperity is ours to freely enjoy as one Zambia. Where we have Multi millionaires on every corner of our nation such that billionaires are a common occurrence.

    A Place where the rule of law is obeyed by everyone. It can be possible when we hold all politicians responsible to the real fight of liberating the citizens from injustice and place an equal platform to prosper.

    If this seems far fetched to you. Then you lack a mind to see possibilities and doomed to repeat history. Dununa reverse!!

    Kubwelela pamupando issue, when everything was destroyed. No bane, go sit home on your own home chairs. Not the Presidential one. Chapwa. Ikona man. Moo…

  2. Let those plotting anarchy follow through with their dark schemes for they shall be met with the full force of the law. They’ve been warned before against any sort of manoeuvres to undermine the state.


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