Protesters Against Load Shedding Arrested


Protesters Against Load Shedding Arrested

In a concerning turn of events, police in Lusaka have arrested four individuals (organisers) who were attempting to peacefully protest against the ongoing loadshedding crisis at the ZESCO headquarters.

According to the Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Danny Mwale, the four suspects – Rizchy Pataky (35), Thomson Luzandi (35), Muputa Ngalande (32), and Nawa Sitali (25) – were apprehended around 8:30 a.m. at the ZESCO premises. They are currently being detained in custody on charges of “Idle and Disorderly conduct.”

The decision to arrest these protesters raises serious questions about the police’s commitment to upholding the constitutional right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. As citizens grapple with the devastating impacts of prolonged power outages, the ability to voice their concerns and demand action from the authorities should be a fundamental democratic right.

The loadshedding situation in Zambia has been a persistent challenge, causing significant disruptions to households, businesses, and essential services. The public’s frustration with the lack of a comprehensive solution is understandable, and the arrested protesters were likely seeking to draw attention to the urgent need for action.

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10th July, 2024.


  1. The tribalist conman wants citizens to suffer in silence with no recourse to air their genuine grievances.

    Solution is very simple.

    Let us fire this incompetent, good for nothing conman.

    Vote wisely in 2026.


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