Highvie Hamududu

Protesting at the AU summit must be discouraged – Highvie H. Hamududu

He wrote:

Protests to foreign dignitaries, while lawful, must be discouraged as we, as Zambia, are hosting the AU summit and not necessarily government, government is just a conduit for that. In any case, foreigners cannot really solve our problems.

At the same time, threats against planned protests from government are unlawful and unnecessary.

Let us build domestic capacity to engage and resolve our internal problems as a country.
As for the affected youths whose Booths were destroyed, please, demand monetary compensation from government for the loss of business as a result of the abrupt and unplanned destruction of your business infrastructure without notice, since you were paying fees to the city council, giving your business, legality.

And further, directly engage government on the transition and viable alternatives, to finality.
You have the inherent power, as youths, to achieve the above, just get organised and be strategic.

Good day to you all 🙏


  1. Hamududu is proper opposition. Wise and matured opposition. He is the only opposition i respect and high class opposition for that matter. His mindset is advanced and he will offer credible checks and balances to upnd. We are tired of these low class cantankerous men and women who don’t know how and when to do the right thing. For them it’s all about inciting and exciting the simple minded. And you know some Zambians how they are, talk too much without understanding anything, rumor mongering, nkani zamukachasu and total dustbin way of thinking. Hamududu teach your friends how to conduct themselves.

  2. Simple reasoned opinion that even his most ardent detractors will not be able to dislodge.

    Very refreshing.


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