PS Kangwa Chileshe
PS Kangwa Chileshe

I have written to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Zambia Police and Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) to investigate irregularities in the ministry, Youth and Sports permanent secretary Kangwa Chileshe has said.

Mr Chileshe in an interview said that he had written to the agencies to investigate the tricycles deal and other issues.

He said that there were a number of scandals at the ministry which needed to be investigated in order for the public to know.

“I can confirm that I have written a formal letter so that answers are given to the public who are currently in the dark,’’ he said.

Mr Chileshe indicated that it was only fair that the investigative wings get to the bottom of the matter because there were so many unanswered questions that needed answers.

He said the matter involving tricycles was tricky because it was suspected that there was too much political influence.

Mr Chileshe said they wanted to do things in a proper manner unlike what was happening in the past where there was no order.

-Daily Nation


  1. Let the Government just request for assistance from the UK for one or two Sleuths (ma “Detectives” to my fellow Kaponyas) from Scotland Yard to be seconded ku ACC and DEC for a year or so chabbe to provide objective and independent investigations. Just like ba IMF will second a small Team of Financial and Economic Experts at Ministry of Finance bakatipasa Nkongole yabo, we will have to provide tuma Chairs and Desks ku MoF Head Quarters!!! Asking for assistance kandi katundu yalema is not a sign of Weakness or Inferiority Complex, talema nazo ivi vima Accusations and Counter-accusations of “alleged” Thefts, Plundering, Tribal/Ethnic Cleansing and “Witch Hunts”, or whatever term you want to use!!!! We want Closure

  2. These guys are breaking Zambia Down. You sang damages day in day out. Till date you still singing damages. Chickens whose tasks caught them by surprise. You all don’t know where to start from just admit.

  3. Good move, let all the thieves, plunderers and looters and if possible their sympathizers and beneficiaries give account before the law no matter when but let it be done.


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