Kangwa Chileshe
Someone shared this. I thought it’s the best place to begin my response.

“hope you are well, in confidence let me share with you what transpired on the mentioned day, PS arrived on Thursday and the first thing he did was to address the Ministry officials over the issue of allowances, he was briefed that 29 athletes were paid, the remaining number had issues with there accounts, others had bank transfers delayed eg NATSAVE AND INVESTRUST due to their nature.

He requested that all athletes should be taken care of by paying them on time because his ministry had already worked on the payments. He then suggested to meet all athletes, he was advised that it was too late for that day but arranged to meet them following day. On Friday he met all athletes with exceptional of Rugby who had gone into town.

Due to the accessibility of the sports village, it was agreed we meet just outside the gate. His message was to encourage and assure the athletes of their allowances, he even assured them of winning bonuses. The athlete in question was not in the meeting, she only came in towards the end of the meeting, she even apologised.

The PS even welcomed her, about 3 to 5 minutes, she requested to leave because of her flight. PS encourage Muzala and Boxers who had the games that day, he even advised them to communicate whatever they need to the team managers or even direct to him, he personally shared his business cards with all athletes and their coaches. His counsel was that athletes should not be rushing to social media, let them take advantage of the open policy practiced by his office.

It’s so sad that the narrative has changed and it’s so sad to hear all the negative reports over a genuine and fatherly counsel given by the PS”.

Talk soon.


  1. This note was not written by PS Kangwa Chileshe himself as there is constant reference to him in the third person singular as “HE” or “PS”. This looks to have been written by another person probably asked by Kangwa Chileshe himself to exonerate him of negative claims made against him by one of the athletees. It is therefore wrong to have the story titled as “PS kangwa Chileshe responds” when it was not written by Kangwa Chileshe himself !!! What trickery is this ba UPND?

  2. baObserver, few times I’ve agreed with and this is definitely one of them! save for your last statement, ZO is not a UPND newspaper but privately owned and its the editors of the ZO you should address on its trickery!

    • ZO is an aggregate news website. They don’t have original news articles sir. They copy everything from around and paste here.
      No such thing as go and address the editors, there are none.

  3. @nineo
    My last statement is on account of my knowledge of the number of times Kangwa Chileshe attempted to be UPND parliamentary candidate for Munali. Besides, he has never before worked in civil service and I will therefore always associate him with the UPND. He does not have the impartiality and technical competence of a civil servant. He is a party cadre and comes out as such.

  4. After seeing the backlash now he has changed tone. Let this be a reminder he is a servant not a master. If anything he should have been fired straight away. According to his own words there are many others who can do the job which he is doing.


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