10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.Ephesians 6:10-18

“Put on your armour, stand up and fight for the restoration of the rule of law.” Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Hon. Brian Mundubile


  1. Kiliminoz demonising those enforcing the law.

    No Zambian was there when you were stealing. You stole alone, don’t involve us. Just prepare for court.

    HH was not there when you were stealing. So stop demonising him.

  2. That is what we Zambians should have done to remove the PF earlier. We would not be in this debt now and we should not have allowed the high thefts.

  3. You are even misusing the word of God, what evil in hh’s government are you talking about? Can it surpass all the evils that took place during your reign of terror? Are you not even ashamed of yourself, how many people has hh’s government killed since August 2021? The answer is nil but under pf, killings, pangas, machetes, stealing were the order of the day. Leave Zambians to live in peace, they don’t need any armor now, there is no tear gassing anymore and this is the society we wanted. Peace and tranquility.

  4. PF is the embodiment of evil and nothing can surpass them.

    PF is the true representation of hypocrisy, lies and lawlessness.

    PF was a disaster for our nation and it will take time to recover from the trauma of their rule.

  5. Its PF which is the axis of Evil:

    1. CK under PF openly campaigned using TRIBAL divisions and PF were happy.

    2. Its PF which was not paying retirees but paying harlots Billions of Kwacha such that a named harlot, one Faith Musonda was found with K65 million of Taxpayers money.

    3. Bus stops and markets were cash cows of PF THUGS.

    4. Wearing an oposition outfit was almost a death sentence under PF ( You would be beaten).

    5. HH was refused to enter Chipata at the Airport

    6. Meal allowances were removed from Universities and carders had so much money that they started burning excessive money.

    7. For the first time in Zambian history…carders were so rich that some slept on a bed of cash (videos are there).

    8. PF bought certain churches such as Sunday Sinyangwe ” decreeing ” – HH will never be President of Zambia. FAKE pastors indeed.

  6. PF were busy GASSING its own citizens and you claim to be Christians!!! My foot!!

    Over 50 Zambians lost lives under PF GASSING Scheme!!.

  7. If this government is evil, we have to look for another more serious word to describe the PF regime in government under the man who had his own personal christians under the sun for the first time in the history of mankind

  8. Meno Meno. Too much noisy like a mosquito who disturbs even when one wants to sleep. You borrowed carelessly, you inflated prices for road projects you clothed in corruption, you defaulted on the loans you borrowed from kaloba (bonds) and from your friends the china man. I tell you the truth even in a home if parents borrow too much all that you have will be going towards payment of loans you will not have enough for food and investment much more when you fail to pay back as agreed even what you have will be taken away from you. I have seen this in the compounds when you borrow kaloba, I have seen this with banks if you fail to service or pay your loan they grab your collateral ( if it is a house they will take it in place of their money). What are you talking about clever fulu. You destroyed this country planted tribalism, encouraged regionalism, gave birth to brutal cadres, killed people through pfu police, gassed people and killed them. All this which you did you can’t feel ashamed of yourself you dying person who, like all other person will return to dust and go to give account of what you did to the ALMIGHTY GOD.You will definitely go to hell if you don’t repeant.


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