maiko zulu

He wrote:

In as much as the country is a ‘Christian Nation’, we who constitute minority faiths expect mutual respect and an environment where we will enjoy our religious freedoms in the new dawn of governance.

The current Ministry of Religious Affairs and National Guidance is in effect a Ministry of Christian Affairs as some minority faiths are sidelined.

As Rasta, I personally look forward to seeing how the new administration will handle minority groups not just in the religious sector but in many other areas too.



  1. There should be no such ministry going forward? Let governance belong to Caesar and let religious affairs belong to churches themselves, no GRZ salary should go to religious activities, instead let religious members pay taxes to Caesar to improve their welfare. Peter was told by Jesus to go and look for money to pay tax, why should ours be different?

  2. What should guide the new administration in handling all citizens including those Maiko calls minority groups is stated in the Constitution of Zambia. In the preamble of the constitution it is stated in declaring the Republic a Christian nation, the constitution shall uphold a person’s right to freedom of conscience, belief or religion. I agree with the Bongobongo that there is no need for the government to establish a Ministry of Religious Affairs. The government shall only uphold the rights of people to their freedoms of conscience, beliefs or religion. These rights cover christians and non-christians


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