By Darius Choonya

Resident Doctors Association of Zambia (RDAZ) President, Dr. Brian Sampa has been sued by his members for allegedly misusing funds amounting to K 244, 860 belonging to the association.

According to a statement of claim filed before the Lusaka High Court, the complainants led by Bekilizwe Mshanga says between June and July 2021, Dr. Sampa unlawfully and without justifiable cause withdrew the said funds for the Association.

Mr. Mshanga says Dr. Sampa after withdrawing the said money, proceeded to block all members who at the time were receiving notifications for the funds withdrawals.

The complainants are now among other claims demanding an order of the court to compel Dr. Sampa to account for the finances of the association with interest.


  1. So, this is what you get after walking
    from Lusaka to Kabwe ! If you kept quiet may be they would have not remembered this case.

  2. Dr Sampa needs urgent counselling! His behavior is not normal and it’s good colleagues have realized he was the wrong chap to represent them.
    Whatever this young doctor does is ill-advised.
    There is need for those close to him to extend a helping hand.
    It’s unfortunate when members of the honourable profession resort to stealing! Thou Shalt not Steal!

  3. Dr Samoa’s weakness is he overates himself.The previous PF government fired him for absconding work in Zambezi where he was employed as a medical doctor.The upnd government gave him back his job.he again started fighting the government especially the minister of health masebo and even decided to resign from government. This man needs help and may not be in his right sense of mind

  4. Gosh Doctors where were you when obviously this witchdoctor was swindling. He will not pay back. Instead report as fraudster and money launders so that we see him in the Zoo. Exactly how HOMO father Bwalya once behaved

  5. Razor: They just want to ride on Dr. Sampa to be seen to be working. How can it take one year for them to see that that amount was improperly withdrawn? Further, how possible is it that he could withdraw that amount without following due process?


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