Re-union Or Betrayal Inside Mutinta Mazoka’s Ditch From Her Fathers Party UPND The Three Key Answered Analytic You Need To Know


By CIC Editors.



Zambian internet yesterday was lightened by the shock news of Mutinta Mazoka’s letter or notice of resignation from UPND. Prior to that she was the member of the National Management Committee refered to as NMC the second highest ranking chain of Command of the rulling party in Zambia.

Some sections of the society recieved the news with mixed reactions others believed it while others did not the reason behind was simple. News of such nature in a well setup society ought to have come from UPND Media for the fact that the official in question belonged to the second highest rank of command. However even this press had a tough time in verifying or relaying the flash news because its not normal for such information to come from PF’s Smart Eagles tabloid and not UPND Media. Two things here for the communication breach are either UPND Media Team is defunct and not up to speed with current affairs even from its own party or Smart Eagles has infiltrated the system beyond politics to have such classified access of information or the last guess maybe a connection to Smart Eagles and disconnection from UPND Media. This brings us to the heading of our analysis as to wether its a re-union in the make or betrayal feeling or both lets get down to it.

For starters by law atleast what we know is that Mutinta Mazoka is lawful wife to Socialist Party Leader Dr Fred M’membe. Its also a fact that the marriage in question is in public contest with half-baked facts of affairs of true love or happy home but rumours have it the couple have been apart from each other for a long time. Diving deep abit on this reveals that the two individuals have been different people in the world of politics where despite the couple being both lawyers one has been UPND a party formed by her father and another one has been a Media Mogul now turned politician thanks to PF for closing his media house but certainly he has never liked UPND despite marrying the daughter of the founder of the same party where even the wife still belonged for all her life before yesterday. Infact its Dr Fred M’Membe who using his closed Post Newspapers championed a tribal tag on UPND and all Tongas a blow that had hit UPND for many years and affecting their political growth and regional penetration until last year when they broke the chains. A simple question is that why would Dr Fred M’Membe hate UPND so much and Tongas while enjoying the marriage of a Tonga woman who is also the daughter to the founder of the same UPND?

You may speculate possible answers but we know from social psychology that people’s feelings, emotions and affections are affected but external factors that surround their beliefs and association if they are in a company of repelled interests or terms. Based on this we can conclude that Dr Fred M’Membe’s marriage to Mutinta Mazoka was affected by the two individuals having opposite political beliefs.

But for how long was Mutinta Mazoka willing to sacrifice her marriage over her father’s political party that her own husband hates so much? Unlike the husband who joined politics due to anger for vegeance to fight Edgar Chagwa Lungu for closing his Post Newspapers that was alleged to have not been paying taxes Mutinta Mazoka has been an active political participant trying her level best to live a mark where it matters unfortunately in this part of the world hereditary leadership is not guaranteed it does not matter wether your father or mother created the party or not you simply have no entitlement if their tenure is out because so many hands vies for the top seat. According to Zambian political archives in relation to Presidents and their kids the clout of their enjoyment or entitlement is only active while their parents are serving and we see the rise of these kids at an exponential speed eg Mulenga Sata rose from a common councilor to a mayor you guess right the father was the president then and had he remained president so was the political career of Mulenga Sata going to grow faster beyond what Tasila Lungu is today. In other countries the death of the seating president all eyes would have been on Mulenga Sata the immediate son atleast with some political blood alas in Zambia its not that easy even though he tried to attempt to participate the results where disatrous forcing him to ditch the party his father fought had to create and join Orange Alliance led by Miles Sampa to later rejoin UPND and got adopted as Kabwata Candidate after losing he went back again to PF and some years later again left to rejoin UPND again went back to PF last time CIC heard of him was that he was on the list of the candidates vying to contest the Kabwata by elections under UPND he lost terribly. Technically speaking its hard to deduce political future of Mulenga Sata currently.

We have given this deep background to reflect present realities of kids to Zambian leaders and how absolute they become when their parents are out of power. However in the case of those that do not show political ambitions things are much flexible eg the Chiluba’s Mwanawasa’s and Banda’s. For Tasila Lungu the pattern is the same like Mulenga Sata she also rose from nowhere to be an MP the clout she succeeded unlike what she would have been if her father was still in power after 2026 she is nowhere near the fight for the top seat while her father is out of power especially when he dies.

This brings us to the second question that is it a betrayal Mutinta Mazoka has felt in UPND or not?..

To answer this question we dwell pur analysis of possible events and scenarios that givens the following outcomes. Politically speaking Mutinta Mazoka had a parental entitlement feeling in UPND by virtue of her name not her passion to serve the party or the country. This led to her inconsistency in not knowing what she wants or where she stands. From aspiring to contest in Lusaka Central, then Munali and switched to take the battle to Monze and give Hon Jack Mwiimbu a bloody run for his money on the seat he has been for 20 years now to no government appointment in new dawn administration its been a rough story for her and her options for re-union with her husband may have been a better choice than keep living for infamy.

Assuming its a marriage re-union that seeks to maintain a happy home in the eyes of the public history again was put to test in Zambia as the first time an opposition leader has a wife who belongs to another political party.

Zambian spouses both male or female are know to support their partners especially in politics because in this country its a serious business that rules fame, dignity and respect. A good politician in Zambia atleast tries to show a happy home no matter how misery their marriage is.

Its therefore worthy noting that Mutinta Mazoka had everything to gain by re-uniting with her husband or atleast join his party Socialist or simply take back seat and play the wife role behind like many other spouses because the bar set by Mutinta Hichilema to his husband during opposition time to be called First lady today is too high to be challenged by any wife doubting the political potential of their husbands. Not only Mutinta Hichilema but many wives or husbands of the Zambian political figures are known to take either active role supporting their partners or simply take a back seat off public scruitny certainly no one has ever gone opposite their partner’s political choices. This is true to Maureen Mwanawasa, Thandiwe Banda, Dr Christine Kaseba, Mama Esther Lungu , Mr Nalumango and so on. Even the wannabe first ladies such as Mrs Sean Tembo, Mrs Chilufya Tayali, Mrs Kambwili, Mr Kateka and so many more all are currently supporting their partners therefore Mutinta Mazoka has every reason to do what she has done its a boost politically to her husband regardless of the nature of their marriege currently because Dr Fred M’Membe’s weak spots to political attacks was his marital life with allegations of him being gay as revealed by Mr Wynter Kabimba.

So how did PF’s Smart Eagles get the information? This is our third and last question Possible answers points to Dr Fred M’Membe’s political mathematics he is playing so far. Like we have said that its a political win for Dr M’Membe already regardless wether the two are still separate or not but in this case Dr M’Membe is currently more inclined to PF than to his party. Last year he refused to be in any alliance with any party saying he will stand alone the truth is that he had two sworn enemies to take care of. 1 party that has devasted his business and another potential party to win that he hates with passion however between the two evils with Edgar Lungu out of the way Dr M’Membe now chooses PF over UPND infact he is calling for an Alliance between Socialist Party and PF to remove UPND in 2026 at all cost just like he sacrificed his party not to participate in Kabushi by elections with a hope of supporting Bowman Lusambo of PF. Therefore Smart Eagles a PF Sponsored tabloid has rvery access to Dr Fred M’Membe’s connections that extends to his embattled wife if anything it officially confitms that the re-union of Dr Fred M’Membe and Mutinta Mazoka is based on mutual political understanding the very reason the two have never enjoyed their marriege. We therefore predict to see Mutinta Mazoka in Socialist Party attire very soon to cement doubts and register herself like a true wife of any Zambian politician around.



  1. Ok, you should simply put it, she is the first lady of socialist party than being the daughter of mazoka. She is now preparing to be first lady of Zambia. She just needs to be patient like mutinta hichilema. Kikiki

  2. Stop being melodramatic, smart eagles probably got a copy of Mutinta’s resignation letter from mmembe before even UPND secretariat received the letter. . no connections just think in a straight line!!!!


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