A political analyst has taken a swipe at PF cadre Chishimba Kambwili likening him to a loose cannon saying he could trigger diplomatic tensions between Zambia and her neighbours.

Kambwili recently warned fellow Zambians saying they should not to make mistakes Malawians made by changing its government during previous elections in that country.

Kambwili said the people in that country are coming to buy commodities in Zambia because the prices have increased and are now crying under the new government led by Lazarus Chakwera.

However, political analyst Elder Mabhunu says Kambwili’s sentiments are regrettable as both Zambia and Malawi are sovereignty states.

He says such reckless statements by a senior member of the governing party could be misconstrued as official position of both the ruling party and government, and trigger diplomatic tensions.

“The governing party should reign in on Kambwili who should be knowledgeable enough to respect other sovereign states,” he says.


  1. Kambwili talks and then thinks latter, that is why he is always on an apologizing spree afterwards, his tongue works as a conveyor belt of unprocessed information which latter create problems for him, look at how he wasted peoples time and resources in organizing his party when he himself had plans at a tangent to the membership. He can to destroy the party at the last minute giving followers no time to realign their political livelihoods, he has delayed or destroyed a lot of peoples political careers and he does not even apologize for that to him what he did was normal.

  2. Ndc are orphans now not knowing where to go. Kambwili led them on and dumped them in the middle of the night . Now he is putting mud on pf by playing in the rain. Tribalism , hate speech and utter nonsense is coming out of his mouth just for survival but soon or later he will be fainting in the cells . His life is on a thin thread and being in pf is paying off… for now. After 12 August he will faint for real not that Hollywood acting he was doing some time back.


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