Refusal to shave hubby costs Lusaka woman 23-year old marriage

A FIFTY-two year old man of Lusaka who feared that the shaggy afro under his boxer would graduate into lengthy rastafarian dreadlocks has walked out on his partner of 23 years.

After basking in a union of more than two decades resulting in the birth of four children, Caleb Mwanza left home in search of barbing services for his groin area after his partner Jister Kasamu aged 43 boycotted the job.

According to Mwanza’s wife Kasamu, she downed the shaving stick and went on strike from all bedroom salon duties because Mwanza was not providing for her and the four children.

From the search, Mwanza not only found a willing barber but also a perfect replacement of his spouse.

“My wife stopped shaving me and so I left home to marry another woman who would gladly shaves me without any issue,” Mwanza told the Lusaka Boma Local Court where his wife had sued him for reconciliation yesterday.

After several days of Mwanza’s absence from her home, Kasamu went to the Lusaka Boma Local Court where she petitioned that the father of her four children and partner of 23 years be compelled to return home.

But Senior Local Court Magistrate Kapilya Mwansa could not reconcile the couple observing that there was no marriage between the two because Mwanza had never paid dowry which is a mandatory prerequisite for a customary marriage to hold.

By Mwiche Nalwimba



  1. Honestly can you fail to clean yourself? How difficult is it? This man had just a plan to do away with his wife.

  2. The law never ceases to amaze me. In other judgements, cohabiting beyond a certain time frame (6 months?) constitutes a marriage yet again sometimes because of dowry even after 23 years they say there has been no marriage. What is the correct position you law people?


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