Vernon Mwaanga
Vernon Mwaanga


POLITICAL warhorse Vernon Mwaanga has called on President Hakainde Hichilema to consider reshuffling some of his non performing political appointments as a way of marking his administration’s first year in office.

Dr Mwaanga said the party should re-look their election manifesto and identify areas needing urgent attention due to obvious constraints of inheriting a Government faced with numerous challenges.

“On balance, l give the New Dawn Government 70 per cent performance in the one year, the President should revisit some senior appointments, particularly those who have proved to be none performers, or who can perform better in other portfolios,” he said.


  1. I support you young man. Kasanda and mutolo should go. Am a farmer and not impressed with him mutoli phiri for agric. Let my darling Chushi go to another ministry,not information

  2. Political office bearers must now be expected to perform certain minimum duties of which if they fail, they should not be paid from public resources until they perform.

    Bwalya, Kelvin Fube; Shula, Mauden. ZAMBIA MUST PROSPER II: The Blueprint for Zambia’s Rapid Economic Transformation . Datafrika Publishers.

  3. I agree with VJ that some reshuffles at Ministerial and PS levels are overdue. Situmbeko, a Nyengo regarded to live in a shell, is too reserved for Finance. I would prefer someone combative like Magande. With Ministry of Education I have not seen policy discussion in that area. At local Government nothing is happening it would be good to try Hon Jack Mwimbu. The only Minister I see working is Charles Lubasi Milupi. Sorry to mention names but these are people who opted for public offices therefore they are subject to public scrutiny.

  4. Reshuffling ministers is reminiscent of the UNIP one-party state when the supreme leader in KK made appointments solely to consolidated his power based on loyalty and not performance.
    Clearly, VJ is a brainchild of that era. Thank God times have changed. In today’s complex world, ministers need more time to deliver results. Yes, those that fail should be fired altogether and not assigned new ministerial roles to continue messing up.
    Nevertheless, you do not tamper with key portfolios like finance midstream in attempting to resolving the debt issue with external creditors. No need to muddy the waters by firing Situ. He’s just fine for now.


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