Rightful driver in UNZA deadly crash goes into hiding


Rightful driver in UNZA deadly crash goes into hiding

THE actual driver of the public service bus that was involved in an accident along the Great East Road near University of Zambia in which 13 people died on last Friday has gone into hiding.

According to sources, unlike earlier reports that the bus was driven by a co-driver it has emerged that it was actually a conductor at the wheel when he failed to observe traffic rules that led to the death of several people.

Meanwhile, Commuters’ Rights Association of Zambia has called for regular competence checkup of bus drivers.

Association President Aaron Kamuti notes that many drivers have behavioral issues that lead to rampant flouting of road safety regulations hence frequent accidents recorded.

Kamuti reveals that some drivers have five buses and employ other people to do their job, while the owner of the bus is only interested in daily cashing of sales made.

Police are still investigating the matter that has become a center of debate whether roadblocks should be reintroduced.

Credit: Diamond TV


  1. This is a major problem. This means the case is a matter of negligence and a crinimal act. This stupid and senseless behaviour has cost families their loved ones. This is very annoying.

    There is need to also investigate what is really happening in these bus stations. I don’t think bus drivers and bus owners are free to work without paying secret payments to a group of people still controlling how these stations are running.

    There seems to be a camaflouge going on. A simple investigation and talk with the bus drivers will reveals these issues. These poor drivers and bus owners are still parting away with significant amounts of their profits by questionable people who are not really necessary in the effective and efficient running of the whole transaport business. Who is still running these criminal gangs? Why is the council still allowing such small organised gangs operating in incognito?

    Some criminal gangs are still running these services and silently obtaining these funds by threatening some of these bus owners to abide by these demands. It is quietly being done and is slowly irritating and upsetting many bus owners and is disturbing the normal system which is supposed to govern a bus station run by the council.

    For instance, who needs to be told where to go and board a bus when, the council should indicate where destinations for each bus should be found. This role is being done by many unknown people running for customers and send them to buses they may no want to board.

    Secondly this behaviour means some buses will load while others will be kept unloaded just because they don’t want to pay extra unnecessary charges. This is unfair and must be dealt with. Why is the council still allowing this criminality. Bus fares are charges set at a fair price. If this amount is further taken away from the bus owners by unnecessary and questionable expenditure paid to criminal gangs the transport indistry will be destroyed. Who runs a business to carter for crooks who want a share just because they think the live in the area. Get rid of all these criminals and allow a sound business to begin to work and thrive in our country.

    We encourage the bus owners to stand up and stop this negative financial drain on their business.

    I encourage the transport associations not be threatened any more and take this opportunity to kick out the tick that has been sucking your profits. These gangs are crooks getting money where they have not sown. You owe them nothing.

    We need to have an honest conversation on this issue. Some people are deliberately allowing this anormally to go on and this is not right.


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