Whiteman claims he has title to the land, wants 1,500 houses demoslished today in Bwana Mkubwa area

He has carried Police officers, Provincial and Council Officials and Council equipment to use in the demolition of 1,500 houses.
Front loaders for the council set ablaze by angry protesters.

There is a riot happening in Ndola Bwana Mkubwa Area. The Local Government officials, council/state police are in the area trying to DEMOLISH more than 1500 houses.

However,the council is asserting that the land belongs to Mr.Shawe (White man) from Kitwe and that some people have built their houses illegally.


  1. That white man should have been told to forget about this land. Where was he all these years. The UPND should not entertain these claims by individuals whether valid or not; the airstrip it’s understable but not where individuals have vast tracks of land and now want to take advantage of the soft new dawn govt’s stance on enforcing law and order

    • They shouldn’t entertain a valid claim to land? Be serious bwana. If the man has legal claim and he bought that land using his own money, why must we allow people to squat there? Put yourself in his shoes, imagine you were not as broke as you are now and you could afford a piece of land.
      Someone takes that land, should we let them have the land or should we allow you to claim what is rightfully yours?

  2. Has UPND forgotten about Forest 27?
    Why are they picking on poor people?
    Where was the Council when all these illegalities were taking place?
    Have they been sleeping to suddenly wake up to want to demolish?
    If there are institutions we need to investigate for corruption, it’s these local authorities. They have continued to aid and abet corruption! Local Authorities have been cash cows for the corrupt!
    The corruption from Local Authorities cannot be compared to the corruption politicians engage in. Politicians are babies when it comes to corruption!
    Remember that local authorities collect huge sums of revenue every day but most of it is lost through leakages.
    Expecting politicians to solve our problems is a waste of time.
    Leave the Ndola people alone. Find the white man alternative land.
    Stop punishing victims of local authority corruption! If you dig further, you will find that these guys even have papers from the local authority!
    Democracy does not work in Africa!
    What Africans need to do the right thing is a firm hand! This is where President HH will fail to govern if he allows his ministers and other officials to do as they please! In the end, it’s President HH whose name gets destroyed! People will believe the narrative that he cares about the Foreigners more than his fellow Zambians!
    You can’t be demolishing people’s houses when we are about to go into the rainy season!
    Going forward, if Councils fail to control or stop the construction of illegal structures, they should never show up to demolish finished illegal structures!
    Has Chipante pante caught up with UPND? They are losing it fast! They should expect to lose Kabushi and Kwacha. In politics, our UPND novices should understand that you don’t think in linear terms! It’s about doing what is humanely and politically relevant!

    • Those are the questions you should be answering and asking pf. The councils on the Copperbelt were led by pf Councillors before August 2021. They were behind all the illegal land allocations and land occupation on the Copperbelt. Now without shame, you want to blame UPND for the mess.
      Many Zambians cried because their land was invaded or grabbed but you and pf kept quiet and turned a blind eye.
      The rule of law must prevail. Let me remind you that even if pf win back their Kabushi or Kwacha seats, HH will still remain president till 2031. The bottom line is to own up to the problems you and your pf created.

  3. This incidence attract a number of questions: Where was the owner all these years that people were building over 1000 houses in his land? From whom did the house owners buy the plots before building? Who approved these plots before building commenced? Did the council take interest to investigate how the so called encroachers took ownership of land just in case it was not involved from the beginning? Who is the area councilor? very development there; council must answer!

  4. The truth is that local authorities are not only corrupt to the core but have failed miserably as agents of MoL.
    Secondly there is absolutely no political will to fight this scourge & Injustice coz it’s seemingly an easy cash cow. To show some measure of authority, only the poor are targeted but this is backfiring now.

    Remove councils as agents, they are failures..

  5. No doubt these are the terrible bad decisions which were made during the previous administration. Through their ilegal allocation of this land a massive problem has remained to be sorted out by the current administration.

    The people who allocated this land to these settlers must be found and made to answer for this illegality. With the recent number of residents who lost their precious investments houses in the airport housing saga, it is not wise to agitate these residents and cause confusion and a catastrophe.

    Let this issue be dealt with amicably. Destroying these houses and leaving these people homeless is not a solution.

    Arrest the people who made these decisions and make them compensate the original owner or jail them. But live these people alone. We all know what happened during the caderism error. The just grabbed any land with impunity and made others suffer while taking huge some of money from these same poor citizens who saw an opportunity to invest their hard earned money. Now you why to wipe all that away in a second. You must be out of your mind. Peace these people alone. If you want to arrest any one go arrest the guys who authorised this mess they are most likely still working in the council.

    Don’t set this community ablaze, for lack of critical thinking. Why are these managers and Party officials selling out their party like this. Do you really honestly think destroying over a 1,000 houses will make you famous. Cone on this type of thinking is Wipping away all the good points made. Who is is allowing these bad decisions to happen. Find them and get rid of them fast their are turnishing the image of the current government.

  6. Shawe us a Lebanese guy with lots of money. He knew who to mix with and where to put his money. Find out when these people started building there and when this Shawe bought the piece of land and from whom?

  7. Law is the law if these cadres built housed on a private land they should nor only be demolished but they should also be arrested for trespassing. In addition the people who rioter must be arrested for causing a riot and malicious damage to property for burning the grader. How would you like it if someone just comes to build in your plot? The government should be very firm on this.

  8. Just give him his land if he has the title deeds. Why all the jumping around, is it because he is white??
    If it’s his land then people must move out, the law is very clear on this.


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