Rwanda’s ex-minister jailed for corruption


A high court in Rwanda has sentenced a former youth and culture minister to five years in prison over corruption charges, extending a previous sentence by a year.

The original sentence, which came last year, against Edouard Bamporiki was a rare case of a top official convicted over corruption in the country.

He was suspended from cabinet last May and put under house arrest while being investigated for corruption and misuse of power. He remained under house arrest until this ruling.

Bamporiki confessed to the charges on Twitter and asked President Paul Kagame for forgiveness, but in September a court sentenced him to four years – which he appealed.

On Monday, a high court judge in the capital, Kigali, said “justice needs to be served to set an example”.

The 39-year-old poet and filmmaker was previously a vigorous supporter of President Kagame and the ruling party and rose rapidly through the ranks.

His lawyer, Evode Kayitana, told the BBC that they had not decided on whether to appeal.


  1. Exactly what I would love to see happen here, you can’t have the thieving idiots gallivanting all over and demeaning the people who are trying to correct their mess. If you can’t keep them in prison before jail, give them house arrest treatment. Ubupuba bwafula sana. Na oxygen ilecepa.


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