Saboi Imboela


It is never good for sports men and women to be politically inclined. But this also explains why she comes out like that. She is outspoken and clearly doesn’t want to be stepped on. She will speak out whether it’s a person or government she supports or not. And the great thing is that, she has the right to do that. She is not a praise singer, but clearly someone who wants and deserves respect for her craft.

She is certainly my kind of woman, never allow to be disrespected for the very thing that you are supposed to be respected for. You are not replaceable, there are no thousands like you in the country, if that were true, then those others should have been at the competition and not you. Stand up for your rights and say the truth. It is sad that we love sports and always want to win, but have never given our sports men and women the kind of respect, honour, appreciation and money that they deserve. We give them peanuts and still make them go through a lot to get those very peanuts.

The government needs to take care of athletes and allow them to concentrate on the game and not make them be worried about soap and what their families are eating back home. Totally unacceptable.


  1. It is so unfortunate taht politicians like Saboi can make ludiculous and foolish statements like this for the sake of politics.
    Zambia is a poor country with a huge debt and a bankrupt economy and that is real whether Saboi and her fckmates like it or not.
    So how does she expect us to treat a few sportsmen and women to expensive luxuries that our country cannot afford at yhe expense of the majority poor? That is fooolishness of the highest order taht I never expected from Saboi.
    Some of those yellow sportsmen and women in fact are only Zambian in name who celebrate their Zambianness when they want money from our bankrupt economy. They are citizens of other richer and better off countries and these are not the citizens we can be treating to this world’s luxuries. They can treat themselves to all sorts of nice things because they have more money than the ministry of sports itself.
    Snbaoi, we dont give them peanuts but we can give them what we can afford as a poor country and I dont even understand how cant see this.
    The government needs to take care of all of its citizxens not athletes alone. After all most of the sports people are much better off than the little kids in rural areas sit on the floor in their classes.
    This nonsense from Saboi should never be entertained; it is sheer madness!

    • Your lack of objectivity I understand, your stupidity remains unmeasured. If the universe is infinity, your stupidity is beyond the universe.
      Firstly, I am not a fan of Saboi, most of what she says is nonsensical, she tilts between being a political leader and a feminist trying to fight men.
      However, she raises valid points here, Tilka has her right to express herself even if she supported UPND.
      You are arguing that athletes should be calm because there is no money in the country and yet the PS and other officials are getting 7 times as much as the athletes are getting. They get their payments promptly and that’s fine for you? Pay the officials, let the athletes wait because there is no money in the country?
      Fucking idiot.

      • Except for your last sentence, kwena wamweba. Ati if the universe is infinite then your stupidity is beyond the universe. Hahaha.

      • You are just a misguided, ignorant, stupid and uneducated fool looking for an argument so you dont deserve my response.
        Keep your poverty, frustration and enjoy it; it is not my fault that you are a lowlife unemployed scavenging scammer without hope of anything better in your life you loser. Arsewhore!

  2. Whether upnd or pf or whatever. Athletes deserve what they were promised and no one including the PS or even Minister has any right to mistreat them.



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