TikTokers Sheldon Benja, 31, and Mercy Momanyi, 19, have been an adorable couple for two years, sharing their relationship journey with the TikTok community. This love story began after Sheldon’s previous relationship with renowned TikToker Ariane Dashian ended.

Despite the geographical distance, with Sheldon residing in USA working as a nurse in Minnesota and Mercy Momanyi in Kenya, their love remained strong. Sheldon made regular visits, and this August, he flew to Kenya once again for his usual rendezvous with Mercy.

The visit took an unfortunate turn when a heated argument erupted between Sheldon and Mercy. Tragically, it escalated to a physical altercation, leaving Mercy deeply traumatized. In her fear, she sought refuge in Sheldon’s mother’s home, coincidentally at a time when boiling water was on the gas stove.

Sheldon, consumed by anger, grabbed the pot of boiling water and followed Mercy to his mother’s house. His intent was to pour it on her, but as Mercy had already reached Sheldon’s mother’s side, 60% of the scalding water ended up hitting Sheldon’s own mother, while the remaining 40% scalded Mercy. This horrific incident resulted in second-degree burns on Mercy’s face, hands, and stomach.

Both Sheldon’s mother and Mercy were rushed to the hospital, and the Sheldon family, with their financial resources, managed to ensure the well-being of their injured mother. However, Mercy was left facing mounting medical bills, and her condition continues to require significant financial support.

The situation has gained media attention, and now Sheldon’s family has offered to cover Mercy’s medical expenses only if she drops the case against Sheldon. It’s a difficult decision to make, especially considering the financial pressure and the emotional trauma she’s endured. The hope is that someone from the public will step in to help Mercy recover, and justice will be served as the legal process unfolds for Sheldon.


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