Samukonga Becomes 4th Gold Medalist!
By Dickson Jere

The 400 meters runner Muzala Samukonga has joined three other Zambians in making history by minting gold at the Commonwealth Games.

These include boxer Lottie “Gundunzani” Mwale who minted gold at the 1974 Commonwealth Games and followd by legendary athlete Samuel Matete in 1994. Another boxer Kennedy Kanyanta minted gold at the 2002 Games.

If we include Edna Maskel’s 1954 medal – then it will be 5th gold medal – but then we were not Zambia!

Young Samukonga has joined that small elite club of athletes who have made Zambia proud by minting gold.

Congratulations lad – 28 years after Matete. It has also been 20 years since Zambia minted gold at the 2002 Commonwealth Games.


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