Mwenya Musenge.


Mwenya Musenge has urged the Seventh Day Adventist Church, where President Hakainde Hichilema is an elder, to speak out on his governance style.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Musenge urged President Hakainde Hichilema to take seriously the issues raised by the Catholic Bishops in their recent pastoral letter.

He said that voice of wisdom by the Church should not be ignored, as “the Church plays an important role in the governance of the country.”

Musenge said that the Head of State should pay particular attention to issues being raised such as moral decay bordering on homosexuality, sodomy, defilement and gender based violence.

“From time immemorial the Catholic Church has been issuing a pastoral letter through the Bishops where they highlight good and bad things about governance in the country. And the issues raised in the recent pastoral letter by the Catholic Bishops require great attention from the President. With regard to the issue of moral decay in the nation, I think that the Church is being proactive and playing its providing the moral campus to those in leadership and the people they are leading. Not all is rosy in this nation and it is only prudent that the Head of State listens to the voice of wisdom being provided by the Church.”

He implored other Churches in the country to be bold and speak out on governance issues.

“And in particular I would like to urge the leadership of the Seventh…


  1. The SDA has rarely if ever, gotten involved in politics. That is probably their policy. So you cannot force them to adopt a new approach just because one of their own is in State House.

    Even when HH was being persecuted, I do not remember them issuing a statement. It is important to be consistent.

    The catholic bishops have been involved in the political/social welfare of our nation and we appreciate their contributions. Leave each entity to play its role as it sees fit.

  2. Ba musenge you behave as if you have just come to earth from Mars. Nothing is new under the sun. You should know that all these vices have existed since the world began .you want to paint a picture that it’s happening now under upnd?that is cheap politics. Sodom and Gomorrah is an example. Just do your bit by speaking out against them and educate people about them. You want the president to be doing everything for you? C’mon you can do better. Opposition politicians are a joke. You want to involve the sda for what? Leave them alone.

  3. I am not SDA but I am of the view that, in this matter, the SDA should be left alone. They are not a political organization but a spiritual and Church one. I know also that they are not recipient of brown envelops of previous regimes compared to the so called Born Again Churches. The SDA have contributed immensely to society through many educational institutions and health facilities that they run. So Mr. Musenge should not drag the SDA in dirty Zambian tribal politics.

  4. To the stupid opposition the Church is only Christian eh? What if the Church that believes in eye for an eye and tooth for tooth gave advice to the HOS, would you ask him to listen to them? STUPID IDIOTS. Leave the man to govern by laws not ubo bupuba ba mwankole. Catholic Catholic mailo bafwila munganda yakwa Nurse, mailo namayo afwila munganda yaba priest, world over record of abusing children and Nuns abound, are you stupid?


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