1. The HOS hates stealing, that calculator may have been stolen from Botswana. Stupid idiot, did you want the HOS to receive stolen property? An offence in Zambia? STU PID IDI OT.

  2. I now can conclude that SET has lost hope of ever becoming president judging by his statements. Surely he knows that the projected price of fuel at the time president HH made it, factors were very different at the time compared to right now. For starters, crude oil cost at international market was very much different from what it is now. Add to that there are other factors like war in Ukraine, subsidies removal to mention a few. Anyone in a right frame of mind knows that any formula will only give out results of the input variables given at a time. Let me illustrate it in for people like SET. x + y = z, now the result (z) will be different if variables x and y are different and it would be madness to expect the same output (result) for different inputs.
    So it is really surprising that SET expects the price of fuel to be same as in 2021 when the cost of crude oil has changed significantly.


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